Make your Candidates feel Valued with an Exceptional Recruiting Process

How GDPR compliant recruitment software can help you to find and retain the best candidates?

What do candidates want from recruiters?

Most candidates appreciate recruiters who are respectful of their time, understand their CV, and approach them with good-quality and relevant vacancies. This means understanding the roles the candidate wants to move into, their location preferences, their salary or wage needs, and their availability. They appreciate fast-moving recruitment processes that progress quickly to interview and hire. They appreciate good-quality feedback after interviews and to be told promptly if they were unsuccessful.

What do candidates hate?

Candidates dislike receiving spam emails about jobs they are not qualified for, not interested in, too far from where they live, or that pay less than they currently earn in a similar role. These emails give the impression that the recruiter does not understand their industry, their CV, or their value. Candidates dislike hard-sell phone calls from recruiters desperate to put forward their CV for a job they would not want to do in a million years just to make up the numbers for their corporate client. Most candidates, if working during the day, prefer email contact to phone calls, which can be very awkward to handle whilst at work.

How can Chameleon-i help?

A recruiter does not have control over how quickly hiring managers respond, so will never have complete control over the speed of the hiring process; however, a recruiter does have choices to make that affect how valued candidates and clients feel. Placing a high value on their time and choosing to send only the jobs that are a great match for your candidate and CVs that are a great match for your client’s roles ensures nobody has their time wasted and helps to build lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Chameleon-i’s fully GDPR compliant recruitment software has state-of-the-art indexing and searching that will help you to match candidates and jobs with high accuracy. Our flexible system can be configured to suit your needs and has many extensions. It is like a bespoke piece of software at off-the-shelf prices; what’s more, we provide great customer support. With fast searching, CV parsing tools, automated tracking and email integration, your workflow will be faster and smoother than ever before.

Benefits for you

Engaging new candidates quickly with highly relevant roles gives you a great advantage in securing the top candidates for your clients. You never know when a candidate will want to change role or become a hiring manager, so a happy candidate could be a repeat customer.

Benefits for employers

Hiring managers are almost always short on time. If they had nothing to do, they wouldn’t be desperately looking for new staff to help build their organisation, so they are almost bound to be busy and hard to get hold of. Taking up the absolute minimum of their time and presenting them with consistently high-quality candidates will ensure they want to come back to you again.

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