How long do dental fillings last?

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The cavities are no fun and should not be taken casually. We do anything to stop the pain even visit your dentist. Going to a top Adsilwil dentist means confronting the dreaded whirring sound of the drill. It probably makes your toes curl just thinking about it. Going to the dentist means enduring the shot and holding your mouth open for what seems like hours.

However, everything in dentistry has a finite lifespan and fillings are no different. A commonly asked question is: How long we can expect the filling to last?

The answer is quite complicated as each cavity and each filling has its own unique character and there are many factors to consider.

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Factors contributing to your dental filling:

Often when a tooth is physically damaged from decay, dental fillings are used to replace lost structure.


The way both porcelain dental fillings and composite fillings are placed can have a big impact on their longevity and there are several things dentists can do to maximize their lifespan. In dentistry, we have a saying The seal is deal. In other words, dental fillings are only as good as the quality of the bond between the tooth and the filling material. It makes sense that anything that will help make a stronger bond will ultimately increase the lifespan of the filling.

All dental materials that rely on bonding to tooth structure are sensitive to moisture and will not stick well if there is humidity in that area. The dam is a thin rubber sheet that protects the filling from.

Contamination by moisture

Much like a raincoat of the tooth. Rubber dam protection is mandatory when performing root canal treatment and given how well it works it should be the standard of practice for routine dental fillings as well.

Patient factors

There are also things patients can do to ensure they get the most out of their dental fillings. Any filling placed in the mouth is under stress – from daily eating and drinking, from the temperature changes of these foods and drinks, and from para-functional habits such as grinding or clenching of the teeth.

Your filling falls out

This development is pretty straightforward. Unless you accidentally swallow the filling, you have hard proof that something’s wrong. Your exposed nerve also alerts you. Call a top Adliswil dentist (zahnarzt adliswil ) immediately.

Your filling cracks: 

Except a gold filling Any fillings whether it’s a silver filling or cement filling can crack over time. During the crack of the filling, you may not find anything serious or you may feel sensitivity. During the regular cleaning, your dentist may find the crack. But the good thing is the crack can be repaired. Your decay risk profile and the best ways to prolong the life of your dental filling will be discussed at your appointment.

Remember that the average life span of fillings last longs according to the type of filling. You can extend the life of your fillings by practising healthy oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth. Consult a top Adliswil dentist (zahnarzt adliswil) for advice about your fillings.


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