List of Things That You Must Compare before Choosing a Printing Service

What? Your brand’s launch party is two weeks away and you haven’t yet started prepping up for it? Well, then let me tell you, that’s not wise! If you want to make your brand’s launch party memorable, and want to collect verbal and written praises from all the guests, media persons and VIPs, then start planning the party now! And yes, don’t forget about the giveaways.

If you are thinking that giveaways are merely a token, given to please all the guests, then you are seriously mistaken. It acts as a promotional tool as well. Yes, you read that right. Giveaways are given to everyone present at a brand launch so that they can carry it back home and show others who are not aware of the new brand or haven’t attended the launch party. So, isn’t this an amazing way of promoting your brand? If your answer is yes, then don’t forget to arrange for giveaways.

Wondering, what kinds of giveaways should you buy/order? Well, I would suggest giving them diaries that have your company’s name/logo along with the tagline printed on it. Don’t you think that’ll be a great idea? If your answer is yes, then immediately contact a company that’s popular for providing Custom Book Printing service.

Choose the Best Printing Service among the Rest

I’m sure that there must be numerous Notebook Printing Services in your city. And, you must be really confused about which one to choose, right? Well, there’s nothing to worry because this article is specially written for people like you. So, read on.

  • Compare Their Previous Work

When you are unable to decide which printing service provider you should choose, the first thing you must do is check their previous work samples and compare them. Wondering, why I’m asking you to do this? Well, comparing their work will give you a fair idea about which one is better when it comes to creativity and precision, and which is not. So, do compare their sample works.

Comparing the samples is also essential so that you get to know which company uses better material when it comes to manufacturing the pages and its cover (both hard and soft).

  • Compare Their Team

Once you are done comparing their previous work samples or portfolio, the next thing you need to do is comparing their team. By doing so, you’ll be able to filter the company that has a better team than the rest. And while comparing the teams, there are certain important aspects that you must compare such as:

  • Number of Members – The first thing you must compare is the number of members each printing company have in their team. And needless to say, it will be wise of you if you choose the one having more members. Why? Well, it’s because the more members a company has, the quicker it is when it comes to meeting deadlines.
  • Experience – Next, compare the experience of their team members so that you can get a fair idea about which company’s team is more efficient.


  • Compare Their Online Rating

Last but not the least; check the online ratings of the custom book printing services that you have shortlisted. By comparing the online ratings, you’ll get a fair idea about which company is better than the rest.

Now, when you know about the things you need to compare before choosing a book printing service, hope you’ll be able to choose the best one in your city. To know more about such services, keep following my articles.

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