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List of Bulk iPhone Parts Available for Wholesale

If you don’t have an idea about bulk iPhone parts wholesale, you should read out the following write-up. This piece will detail various parts of your iPhone. To fix your handset of your own, you need to buy essentials and place them in order. That’s right!

For your information, every new iPhone is designed in California’s Cupertino at Headquarters of Apple Inc. However, resources required to make such unique designs are collected from all over the globe. The main parts you need to assemble your iPhone are battery, logic board, case, and screen, but how to deal with the remaining?

If you find something missing but couldn’t figure it out, this write-up can solve your purpose. Now, let’s discuss bulk iPhone parts wholesale and components of Apple iPhones.

The main parts of your iPhone are-

  • Front and Back Facial
  • Logic Board
  • Card Level Parts (Speaker, Ringer, Vibrator, Mic)
  • Apple Processor
  • Small Components (RX Filter, Network IC, RAM, ROM, 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator, TX Filter, RTC, Power IC, Flash IC)
  • 8V to 5.45Wh Battery
  • 4G/ 5G/ 6G LTE Chip
  • NAND Flash
  • Sensor (Gyroscope & Other Sensors)
  • Antenna Switch
  • Multi-Chip Memory Package Controller
  • Camera With Camera Controllers
  • Power Amplifier Controller
  • Power Management IC
  • Power Amplifier Module
  • PAD (PA + Duplexer Module)

In this digital era, technology has continuously been developing and advanced features (components and parts) are included with every new variant of iPhone. Also, there are adequate components combined with various parts, which resulted in a slim logic board but with power-fact features.

Ok! Let’s detail some important parts inside Apple iPhone, required to know if you’re interested to fix it yourself.

  1. Case

iPhones are commonly packed in the metal shell, with a big logo of Apple Inc. If you want, buyers can get them in various colors and designs. It is featured with numerous small fittings and accessories, like sim card tray, button covers, rear camera lens cover, two vents, flash cover, and other optional fittings.

  1. Logic Board

It is the brain of your handset, which contains RAM, CPU, flash storage, and numerous other sensors and circuitry. The main circuit board is a dedicated and most expensive part of your device, which is difficult to get. To allow the home button and touch id of your device works, you need to buy them in pairs.

3. Battery

There are several aftermarket batteries available, besides batteries made by Apple Inc. However, it isn’t easy to state the quality of your battery without charging or discharging. So, buyers need to be careful during bulk iPhone parts wholesale purchases.

  1. Camera

This cable is installed on the top of your iPhones’ screen. It includes the front-facing camera, light sensor, contacts for earpiece speakers, among others. Whereas, the rear camera is the main camera of your device.

  1. Taptic Engine

This small engine allows your device to vibrate, and model the feeling of click on the home button.

  1. Screws

There are numerous screws of many different sizes, head types, and diameters. Also, it’s significant to get the right screw in the proper place, as mistakes can result in irreparable damages. So, it is recommended to buy kits that contain all the right screws rather than searching for all of them individually.

In short, the above-mentioned are some important parts required to fix your iPhone. It’s even suggested to have complete knowledge of individual parts, their functions, and where to fix them, before opting for assembling yourself. If you’re confused with certain parts, you should hire iPhone repairing services.

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