Leverage Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in Human Resources Development

What a customer is to a seller is what an employee is to a corporation. Employee experience, because of this, has come to take the centre stage. eNPS or Employee Net Promoter Score is quite a powerful tool for an excellent employee experience for employees of world-class organizations.

Starting with the very basic question- how many employees working in your organization would rate or recommend your organization as a good place to work at?

This question is the soul of eNPS which lays bare the feelings of employees regarding your company. You might want to give it a flip but studies from various quarters have pointed to a great deal of competitive edge gained from NPS in the domain of human resources development. The organizations where employees want to stay to work, fare better than those where employees don’t want to stay.

Here’s how it helps you build effective employee retention:

Customer relationship has given the world of human resources development an important tool in the form of Net Promoter Score. You might have read the question- how many points will you give us on a scale of 0 to 1? That has entered marketing to study how minor changes in the features, experience, and delivery of the product affect a customer’s satisfaction.

Likewise, companies are asking employees how many chances are there that they would recommend the company to a colleague or friend. The measurement simplicity and result analysis over a great period of time is a great advantage of eNPS.

It’s very respondent-friendly, the format is familiar, the time required is minimal, and all of these factors increase, tremendously, the response rate. It’s another matter of fact that an individual needs to have international HR certifications- the best one to actually gauge what it actually means to have the score from the employees, how to improve the score, what parameters to change, and what to include.

In the modern world, international HR certifications are also available for HR IT specialist who is equipped in handling software and hardware and can oversee how human resource management systems can be built to work in tandem with the Net Promoter Score. International HR certifications have become desirable for organizations around the world to understand the metrics.

The score provided by various platforms, systems, processes, and tools is a single metric that can be leveraged for understanding how the organization fare and what employees feel about the organization. Combined with other scores, questionnaires, and surveys- human resources can be enhanced to a greater level. What it results in is enabling of targeted response actions for employees.

Adding an additional question of ‘why’ to how the employees feel can elaborate where you are lacking and what actually you need to do. One thing to remember for surveys is to complete them in a shorter time in order to avoid a loss of interest. This is mostly the reason for skewed results as people tend to make random selections.

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