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The pandemic has changed the course of the entire world economy, and so is with aquaculture and fisheries. FAO or Food and Agricultural organization has monitored the situation throughout the pandemic, while FAO is working on the development of fisheries and aquaculture The UAE government has also planned to impose the several norms or regulations to be followed strictly in order to create the balance & sustainability between the sport fishing trips in Dubai and marine life in the waters of UAE.

Food and Agricultural organization is the world’s recognized body that works under the United Nations and in the year of 1995 a code was introduced by FAO to signify the responsible fishing that may result in sustainable amusement across the globe and on a fishing trip in Dubai.

The Aquaculture of the Coastal UAE

The coastal aquaculture plays a significant role in the sustenance, jobs and serving economic goals of the country. From the coastal pond to the gated lagoons the fishing charters Dubai are hired for the fishing trip by an individual or the group. These areas have become partially artificial as the government of UAE has hedged the coastlines against the erosion and has made the fishing spots suitable for the fishing excursions or the fishing trips in Dubai. 

The Marine aquaculture of UAE

This term is related to the open waters fishing, and for this amusement and adventure the people hire fishing charters Dubai.

The consumption of Sea Food

There is a significant rise observed in the consumption of the fish due to the considerable growth of the population worldwide as per the report of FAO that has also raised the count of the fishing trip in Dubai. The consumption has increased and so is the production, but the growing demand is not fulfilled only with the production, but also due to the other factors like the development in processing technology, advanced supply chain management, cut down in wastage and the cognizance of the health related issues in the consumption of fish.

There is a great diversification in the fish from all around the world depending on the climatic conditions of the regions that also affect the temperature of the waters across the globe, which results in the variation in the marine habitat also. The common factor on which the fish industry thrives is the requirement of protein to the human body and the importance of Amino Acids found in fish. Enjoy the sport of fishing Trips in Dubai with Deep Sea! 

The responsibility

The fresh water or salt water ecosystems are perceived as the largest resource of protein and fat from the animal. Now every stable country Like UAE is concerned about their sea food resources because they understand their significance in the economy and employment area, so the government has special plans to save the marine ecosystem especially within their territorial waters. Contact Deep Sea Dubai for a family fishing trip in Dubai! In the year nineteen ninety five the code of conduct was developed to counter the illegitimate practices and irresponsiveness in killing of the sea animals around the world. It keeps an eye on fishing operations, the type of gears used in fishing, technology and environmental effect.

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