Learn to Create Passport Size Photo with Name and Date in Photoshop

You may need passport size photo at different stages of life for academic, professional and personal purposes. Passport size photo has become one of the important necessity at every stage of life and is the reason why most of the people keep some copies of the recent photo with them for varied purposes. At present, passport size photo with name and date is needed by different government departments and even private firms for different purposes. Now it is so easy for you to add the name and date on it if you have passport size photo with you.

Adobe Photoshop – The best online tool to edit photos

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular tools used by many professional photographers, graphics designers, and other related professionals and even common people to edit images, photos and graphics. This is such a fantastic tool that anyone can use with basic knowledge about its tools. Passport size and A4 size are commonly used sizes to print the photos of various purpose. Before you start editing, you should know about the basic factors like a4 size in pixels since adobe calculates the size in pixels. The pixels for A4 size are 2480 x 3508 for print resolution and 595 x 842 for screen resolution.

Create photo within minutes

It takes only a few minutes to give name and date in your passport size photo if you learn to create passport size photo with name and date in Photoshop. You can scan the photo, or download from mail, or share from phone to the computer to work with the tools of Photoshop. It takes only a few steps to resize the photo passport size and to give the name and date. Good numbers of people with basic knowledge of Photoshop makes necessary changes to the photos within the comfort of their home or office.

Go online

Now learning of basic tools of Adobe Photoshop is so easy. There is no need to join for a complete Photoshop course with any of the computer centers and to pay the fees. There are several online resources to help you in this regard. You need to know about only a few tools of Adobe Photoshop for the purpose. Now the task is really easy when you go online to learn that tools. You can find several online videos, audio narrations and step by step writings to get familiarize with the process and tools  Learn Tech News – Technology News and Resources.

Online tutorials

If you love to learn about editing and entering the name and date in passport size photo in detail, there are reputed online tutorials to help you. They provide detailed tutorials for each of the intended purposes along with free training materials. You can find step by step information and instruction along with photos. These tutorials will definitely make you free from all of the doubts related with photo editing. The process becomes really easy and you can use these online materials and tutorial at any time you are in need of it. You can also find tutorials for any of the photo editing needs of Photoshop tools.

Now enjoy easy resizing, editing of photos and giving name and date on it with Adobe Photoshop.

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