Know the Difference Between Branded and Non-Branded Plywood

When it comes to unbranded vs branded plywood, which one is better, more cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting? Some homeowners say that ever since plywood replaced natural wood for more home and commercial applications, most unbranded versions of plywood have become much cheaper. But, is this really a better choice when it comes to taking quality into account?

Here are a few pointers which divide branded and unbranded plywood, taking into consideration their quality, steady return on investment over a period of time, and maintenance.

Superior quality-

Plywood from a reputed brand undergoes many stringent quality tests and therefore, are safer to buy. The cost may be slightly higher, but you are getting a product that will last you a long time. That makes it a great investment.

More flexible-

Branded plywood is much more versatile than unbranded plywood. It also comes in different strengths, textures, qualities, and price ranges. You can avail of branded plywood in different variants such as BWR, BWP, MR, and even as laminated plywood boards. These boards are highly resistant to warping or breaking under pressure. They are also very durable and widely used in commercial and residential areas. With lower quality plywood, you won’t get the same benefits– it may rot, and warp and won’t be as versatile, which means you will have to replace it soon enough.

Value for money-

Branded plywood offers great value for money over a long period of time. Even though the initial down payment or investment maybe a bit higher, you’re getting excellent durability, assurance, great brand value as well as and excellent resale value on your material. Remember that this product will be certified and come with a warranty and assurance of quality. So, if you are looking for a good quality long-term material, make sure that you pick a branded plywood.

Low maintenance cost –

A good branded plywood furniture will not require a lot of maintenance to keep it clean. At the most, you’ll just need to wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth. But unbranded plywood may take up a lot of your time on maintenance and would require to be fixed, repaired, and repainted again and again. If your unbranded furniture reaches a point of no return, you’ll have to spend on getting new furniture pieces. This will cause you to go through a lot of stress and you will end up paying a lot more.


The best quality plywood brands are environmentally friendly and aware of the responsibility they have toward the planet and environment. They often contribute meaningfully towards planting more trees and source their raw materials from forests that are not guided by internationals forest conservation and management laws. You can easily find out this information about a brand whereas when it comes to unbranded products, you have no way of knowing where your material has come from and what the quality is like.

In Summary

Note that branded plywood manufacturers will provide you with a warranty on quality and always pay close attention to customer relations and making your experience the best one. They will sort out any issues you may have and communicate with you through the entire process as well as deliver and install the material for you. When it comes to unbranded plywood, there is very little communication between the dealers and suppliers, and even the end-users.

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