The new form of technology used nowadays in big organizations is RPA. RPA is the acronym for Robotic Process Automation. It is basically the use of software with the help of Machine learning. This helps in making the repeated transactions and handling the data of big volume easy. These tasks were automated because it was really tough for humans to manage all the transactions by themselves. RPA in telecom has helped a lot in making the work easier.
There are many applications of RPA in big organizations. Some are:
• Accounts: Organization can automate the budgeting, general and operational accounting with the help of RPA.
• Supply chain management: The billing and invoice can be automated with the help of RPA. Most of the organizations especially that have a lot of dealing and customer base online have a great ease in work after the creation of RPA.
• Healthcare industry: Company belonging to a healthcare industry can use RPA for record retention and assembling, billing and various patients’ information can be stored in their records.
• Financial services industry: RPA application is helpful in financial services for insurance claims, foreign exchange payments etc.
• Customer service support: Verifying the documents of customer, e-signatures are all part of RPA.
RPA application is not just limited to one industry and has helped every industry in making their work easy. There are many benefits of RPA. Some of them are:
• Cost reduction: Due to automation the time taken gets reduced and many tasks can be done at a lower cost than otherwise it would have done if there was a human resource employed for the same work.
• Saving time and efforts: Previously all the tasks that were really bulky to handle and manage for humans are now done within record timing and with greater accuracy. The human efforts have decreased a lot.
• Greater accuracy of work is also achieved due to automation.
• Less time for cycle to complete: If there is a process in an organization for billing, getting customer details and then taking e-signatures and generating an online invoice. If all tasks were done by humans it would have taken a long time for the process to complete. But with the help of RPA it is made easy and the cycle time has comparatively decreased a lot.
• Employee and customer satisfaction: This is achieved as the number of bulky task have been reduced and the employee just needs to type a little on his/ her PC and every information will show up. This has decreased a lot of efforts of employees and their work has been made easy. Also the reduced time to process a particular transaction has also decreased. So it is easy for the customer to spend a few minutes for their work and get the work done within few minutes.

Automation in telecom is also notable. This has helped a lot of organizations to get their work done easily. Though RPA is beneficial for every sector/ industry but telecom sector has seen much of a growth in this segment.

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