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It’s Time to Choose the Best School for Your Kid

Finding the right school for your kids is not an easy task, it is a daunting one. Parents are concerned about getting their kids into the right one. The right school will help in right upbringing the child in academics as well as developing the overall personality. There are many school boards, but choose the best ICSE School in Rajankunte.

Tips to Choose the Best ICSE Schools in RT Nagar

School education is very important in shaping the career and life of your children. Here, some considerations are present that will help the parents in choosing the best ICSE school.

School Credentials

As the education sector is booming, the industry has faced the mushroom-like growth of schools. You will get schools in every corner of your city. In fact, many of these are not providing education as per the standards. Many of them are functioning even without affiliation from any of the boards.

So, checking the credentials of the school will let you save from future issues. A recognized one will be the first decision that needs to be considered.


Excellent teachers just not only offer the learning to the kids but also accelerate their confidence and learning. Teachers play an important role in the student’s achievements. So, when you are searching for a good school, take a look at the qualification of teachers of that school.

Dig a little deep and find out about their teaching style. How school authorities evaluate the teachers for hire. Graduated from known universities add to their qualification. So, do not be shy and ask the authorities about this.

Student-Teacher Ratio

It is an important aspect as lower the ratio, better the attention will a kid get in the class. The lower student-teacher ratio will help in reaching the full potential. Students who are connected closely with the teachers are likely to get more out of their course and they retain the information.

So, ask the authorities about the student-teacher ratio. The ideal ratio is as follows:

  • Upper Primary Class: 30:1 / 35:1
  • Primary Class: 25:1/ 30:1
  • Playschool: 8:1 / 10:1

Try to avoid those schools that have 50:1 as the student-teacher ratio. A huge gap between student and teacher ratio is not good for the mental development of the kids.

Check the Preferred Curriculum

In India, many curricula are running. If you are still confused about the boards, check the details and then decide. However, always keep the nature of the kids while selecting the one for your kid.

Check Safety Measures

With the increasing rate of crimes, parents must not ignore safety measures at the schools. Apart from these, a school must have safety measures against natural disasters. Have a word with school authorities regarding this.

Parent’s Reviews

Ask other parents about school performance. Generally, the school’s staff does not give actual and right information. You can get the right details from the parents as their wards are studying in the school and they will let you know what is going in the school.

New Age World School will surely stand on your expectations and will provide the right upbringing to your kid.

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