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As we are leaning towards Information and Technology, so there has been a great demand for IT jobs. But candidates are often confused in choosing their profile. So, here in this article, I am going to explain all the IT jobs description.  

career service - IT Jobs


In some industries is known as IT Consultant, Application Specialist, Enterprise-Wide Information Specialist.

Job Description

A technical consultant is responsible for developing the software package as per the demand and technical specification. A candidate in this profile should have technical knowledge but is not always necessary. They generally handle the meetings with the client’s IT team. They also handle any kind of interfacing raises by the client IT team.

A technical consultant rectifies the bugs in the software package or application.

Key Skills Required

The prime skills in this profile include communication, presentation, technical and business understanding, project management and teamwork.


Technical Sales Engineer is also known as Account Manager, Sales Manager, and Sales Executive in some companies.

Job Description

They are the key people in any industry. The basically bring sales to the company by meeting with the relevant clients. They sell products and services of the company. For this, they have to attend phone calls, meetings, and to drafting proposals. They may sell hardware or extol the business benefits of whole systems or services.

The job is target based and commissions are also based upon the target achieved. A technology degree isn’t necessarily essential, but it is mandatory that you should have the proper technical understanding of the product you sell. Technical Sales Engineer is among the top challenging IT jobs.

Key Skills Required

Candidate in this profile should have Product knowledge, interpersonal skills persuasion, mobility, drive, and business awareness.


It is also known as Project Leader, Product Planner, and Master Scheduler.

Job Description

The responsibilities of a product manager depend upon the various parameters such as the size of the company, the type of the company, the type of product they sell, the stage of the product, and lastly on the culture of the company.

Project managers organize people, time and resources to make sure information technology projects meet stated requirements and are completed on time and on budget.

They understand the vision of the management of the product and communicate it effectively to design, development, testing and then marketing it to the team. It requires an experience and good understanding of technology which helps in working with tech development teams and with the higher-level business manager.

Key Skills Required

The key skills required are – problem-solving, communication, clear thinking, and the ability to stay calm under pressure.


In some companies, Web Developer profile is known by the names such as Internet Engineer, Web Producer, and Multimedia Architect etc.

Job Description

Web development works on the back-end of the website. They have to code, design, and customize the website according to the client requirement. They have to backup files for the website to the local directories for recovery.

Determine the user needs by analyzing all the technical requirements. The role can be found in organizations large and small.

Key Skills Required

The skills involve a basic understanding of web technologies (client side, server side, and databases), analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

  • Software Tester

Software Tester is called upon by different names in different industries such as Test Analyst, Software Quality Assurance Tester.

Job Description

Software Tester is involved in the quality assurance stage of the software development and deployment.

Bugs can have a massive impact on the productivity and reputation of an IT firm. So, a tester is there to resolve the problems. They don’t necessarily program but they do need a good understanding of code.

Testers prepare test scripts and macros and analyze results, which are fed back to the project leader so that fixes can be made. They are sometimes involved at the early stages of projects in order to resolve the issue before work begins. You can potentially get to a high level as a tester.

Key Skills Required

Attention to detail, creativity, analytical and investigative thinking, and communication are the key skills a candidate should possess.So, this was all about IT jobs. A candidate can choose any of the above profile as per his/her interests.

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