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Is Etihad Airways ticket refundable? | 1-805-308-7828

Yes, the Etihad Airways ticket is refundable. Unfortunately, there can be unforeseen circumstances due to which you have to cancel your air ticket. One can understand how anxious and distressful you must feel while cancelling your ticket.

But you need not worry; this write-up explains to you how to get Etihad Airways ticket refund which you have cancelled. Follow the procedure below to understand the way how the refund process is initiated-

Points you must be aware of before cancelling your flight and requesting a refund-

  • You may be charged a fee to make alterations in your booking; thereby always review the terms and conditions before you make any modifications.

  • Secondly, the type of fare which you have booked determines what sort of modifications you are able to do on your flight ticket and the fees you are charged to do so.

  • Make sure and check that your ticket has not been used and is refundable with or without cancellation fees.

  • Your ticket should have been issued more than five days before and purchased using the same single credit card.

  • The cancellations and refunds, once initiated and processed, cannot be reversed.

  • All the refunds are subjected to the fare rules of the original ticket.

  • Your account associated with the Bank may charge you additional processing fees.

  • Refunds are automatically initiated to the payment mode through which you made the purchase for the ticket.

  • Refunds usually take from fourteen to thirty days working days to show up on your bank account or card.

  • One important thing to note is that Ancillaries and Global services Fees are not refundable.

The Change and Cancellation Fees on Etihad Airways-

  • It depends on the route and the fare that you have booked; a fee may apply to change or cancel your flight.

  • Perhaps the most restrictive fare rule applies if you have booked multiple fares.

  • If the need arises to cancel your booking, then the refund which is initiated would be subject to the fare rules of your original ticket.

  • Changes or cancellations within four days of your booking incurs an additional ten per cent fee.

  • Etihad gives you relaxation in refunds in case there is an unfortunate death in your family or an immediate guest, for which you would have to furnish an official document.

  • If you happen to miss your flight, you would be charged a no-show and a change-fee. One thing you should always keep in mind is that, if you have a reasonable chance of missing your flight, be sure to inform the airline as soon as possible. If you do not, then your return or onward flight may be cancelled.

  • The refund rules keep varying, which is based on your selected fare choice. If you have selected multiple fare choices at the time of booking, the most restricted fare rules apply.

  • In case you have refunded a ticket you have previously exchanged, the refund rules of the original ticket will apply.

  • You can exchange your booking up to two hours before the departure. You can also request a refund online for eligible bookings paid by credit/debit card five days after ticket issuance until two hours before departure.

  • If you booked your travel at least seven days prior to the scheduled departure date and time, passengers in the United States are entitled to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund if you cancel within twenty-four hours of the booking.

Therefore, through the above-mentioned information, you can get to know whether you will get a refund from Etihad Airways or not. However, if you still harbour any doubts regarding the refund of your ticket on Etihad, please feel free to contact experts anytime and anywhere.

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