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Your Introspection for Tummy Tuck Surgery

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The approach of cosmetic surgery aims to improve the quality of life of a person by improving its appearance or at least the image it has of itself. The decision to undertake an act of cosmetic surgery should never be taken lightly. The good or bad consequences of an intervention can be felt for years both physically, morally and emotionally. Before deciding on an intervention, it is essential to have clear and realistic detailed information on the expected results as well as on the potential risks and also to question its motivations and expectations.

Do not hesitate to consult several surgeons, give yourself time for reflection and do not forget to question his motives. A reflection period of 15 days before any decision has been instituted, for the practitioner as for the patient. Tummy Tuck in Chandigarh surgeon’s mission is to provide the best possible surgery to people who can get the best satisfaction. That’s why they constantly re-evaluate their business according to two criteria: technical know-how and integrity. Thus doctor can, if necessary, ask for a second opinion either on the technical expediency of the intervention envisaged or on the risks and potential psychological benefits. In order for the intervention to be carried out under the best conditions, there must be no obligation to undergo or to make this intervention even if “everything is ready”. As a result, it may therefore exceptionally be necessary to postpone or even cancel an intervention.


Before the intervention, surgeons are at your disposal and that of your doctor to answer any questions. If some points are not understood, do not hesitate to ask for explanations and / or to come back for consultation. Do not forget to inform your surgeon sincerely and in detail of your state of health, of your psychological as well as aesthetic expectations concerning the envisaged act.

For your part, the surgeon will provide you with detailed information about the expected result as well as the potential risks of the procedure. There are general risks inherent to any aesthetic act: anesthetic risk, lack of healing, infection problem, the disappointing result … And risks specific to each intervention and we must not neglect to take into consideration the exceptional risks or forget that there is the possibility of unknown risks. These risks will have to be taken into consideration before any decision. Cosmetic surgery procedures are surgical procedures in their own right. As for any intervention, preparation is essential, it includes detailed and clear information, a reflection and preparation including one or more preoperative checkups, instructions concerning the hygiene of life to be respected and anesthesia consultation.

Is the intervention for you? Relevant questions to take stock

Before you engage in an intervention, it is important for you to evaluate its opportunity by studying, in detail, each of the following:

What do you really expect from this intervention?

  • Is the operation feasible?
  • Are you ready to accept all its disadvantages?
  • How will you react if you have a complication?
  • Other considerations
  • This reflection will help you to be precise and effective in your analysis, and therefore to better make your decision, and finally, if it is positive, to develop your project with the surgeon.

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