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How to have more “Influencer Marketing” for this holiday season

The holiday season is coming soon and most of the brands are already trying to experiment over the new ways to get more influence over the audience. They are hoping to get more customers attracted toward their products when the audience is bombarded with the promotional campaigns and deals of many other brands too, for the holiday season.

As per the previous holiday seasons, the marketing for the holiday season is mostly conducted by the WORD OF MOUTH marketing technique. The marketing influencer forecasting experts are saying that the efforts they are seeing from the brands in this month for the upcoming holiday season, ´shows a great boost in the marketing influencer. For example H&M is currently using the nine influencers over the Instagram and they also use polling features that are provided by this platform to develop the designs and attract the millennials.

But according to the experts, the major difference they are seeing is that how the brands will use these marketing influencers to boost up the sale and amplify their latest content on the upcoming holiday. This will be a challenge for the marketers to get the opportunity and use the influencers in such a way that they may get the amplified content.

Shifting landscape:

Many of the known brands like Unilever are trying to use the latest influencers which may give them the platform with the increased number of followers and social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram with their enhanced features for the better marketing tool are being used by these brands for this holiday season. They are shifting the landscape and using the latest tools for the better influencer marketing rather than using the typical and old marketing tools for increasing the engagement of the audience.

Some latest influencers on the platform:

There are many companies who are trying to have more budget for the influencer marketing this season and some of the brands are trying to search for the cost effective tools that will help them to have the similar buzz but by incurring low cost on it. Many of the organizations have started to appoint their employees as their brand advocates as this is required for the representation of the brand over the social media sites.Making brand advocates is the better strategy for the companies to have more influence over the audience to change their purchasing decision and increase the sale for their brand. But there are some conditions for making someone the brand advocate. Such an individual who is engaged with the brand and products or the one who is passionate for your product to endorse it can be the best person for your brand to be the brand advocate. Such kind of people can be the celebrities who have shown a keen interest with your products, or the people within your own organization. These people can help the brand to have the better influencer marketing by promoting your products and deals through their social media accounts and their followers may get influenced to buy your products.

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