How to improve your sleep quality by making a couple of changes in your sleeping environment?

There is no denying the fact that when you make some simple tweaks in your bedroom setting in order to turn a dull room into ahaven of relaxing sleep.

Are you aware of the fact that your bedroom setting can actually have a great bearing on your sleep quality? From temperature to brightness and more, many studies and sleep scientists have revealed that our surroundings have quantifiableimpacts on our sleep quality.

Whether you are looking for the best underpinning for catching up the forty winks or you are trying to seek ways to overcome sleep-related problems, improving your bedroom setting can definitely help you in catching up good night’s sleep.

Using the right type of bedding

By the use of the right type of bedding, we mean to say that you should try to ensure that your bed sheet fabric should be made fromcotton, linen, and wool so that it doesn’t trap moisture and make you feel hot.

You must have come across different types of beddings in which they usually mention the thread count. Go for the fabric that is soft and not by the maximum thread count. Besides, you need to choose the bedding bearing in mind the weather of the area or country you live in.

If dust mites are your major concern, we would recommend you to buy allergen-proof mattress in Mumbai and clean your mattress and pillow covers quite often so as to eliminate the allergens.

Clean your room

It is quite important to keep your bedroom clean before you sleep. If there is any sorry of clutter inside the room always make sure that you remove it and then sleep.

A cluttered room will usually drift away from feeling calmer and relaxed which are two important things that you need to have before you sleep.

Avoid using mobile phones

One of the major hindrance creators in sleep is our mobile phones, as per many studies. Most people have a habit of surfing through different social media websites before they go to sleep, which is not considered to be a good habit.

The light and radiations emitted by the phones and other electronics like TV and laptop send wrong single to your brain making it think that it is still day time and thus you end turning and tossing on your bed for long. So, make a habit of turning your mobile phones to flight mode at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Ensure Your Mattresses Are Comfortable

Your bed mattress plays a critical role in getting you a sound sleep throughout the night.  If your bed mattress is quite old and you tend to sink in the center while sleeping, it is high time to change it and buy a new mattress.

Before you decide to buy a newmattress in Mumbai, always ensure that you take into account different aspects including age, bodyweight, and any other health-related issues so that you are able to find the perfect fit for yourself.


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