Most Important Applications and Contexts of Prevnext

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In an age when we are surrounded by the internet, ‘Websites’ are nothing new to us. You can hardly discover any individual with no knowledge of the internet! Facebook itself is a website and 80% people are using this actively or inactively. On top of all, Google is a place where we all have searched certain queries and Google is also a website along with a search engine. So, none of us is unaware of a website in the “dot com” era.

Despite this knowledge, often we don’t possess enough know-how about certain vital portions and modules that have become a necessity today. I am talking about Prevnext. Yes, the term may sound unfamiliar, bizarre and unheard to you but it is one of the most common yet essential functions for crafting a nice website. Perhaps you are in a perplexity at the moment but all your doubts will be clearedafter reading the full article.

What is Prevnext?

In reference to the name, it can easily be understood that the term is a combination of Previous and Next. In context to the website development, this is the button that takes you to your desired page on a website. You possibly have encountered navigation buttons right at the bottom of various websites that comprise bulk content. Boxes will certainly be at the end of an article in case you don’t find any navigation button. It helps you to jump to another article. Yes, you can find the existence of Previous and Next buttonsright there. If you think you have learned all about PrevNext, you are in a daydream! Yes, the multiple uses of Prevnext in the different context don’t let it be portrayed in a single sentence.

For instance, you must have seen the search results in Google, and at the bottom, you will discover Previous and Next buttons along with the page numbers 1, 2, 3, and much more. This is where PrevNext took birth from!

You may find other implementations of this essential module in some of the most popular sites like Amazon, Hotstar and other e-commerce or video streaming sites. The sliders displayed at their landing page are the latest announcement made by them for exciting offers or new arrivals. You can simply toggle between those by clicking the next or previous. It’s another application of Prev-Next! Web developers make use of this popular module through some simple coding in jQuery. Let’s find out some of the most important utilisations of this module.

Applications of Prevnext in the different context:


Drupal is one of the most acknowledged open source software to create and manage any sort of website. After activating the prevnext module on any node of Drupal, it will automatically add two links to the previous and following nodes. The simple method is taken by every developer that includes enabling the node, regulating links from “admin/config/user-interface/prevnext” and after completing this procedure, going to the manage display option. The prevnext module is ready!


Magento is basically used for developing e-commerce websites. You know very well how hard you need a prevnext button in an e-commerce website since it will be full of content and products. You can set previous/next product on the product page from the System. After entering into “System”, go to “Configuration”, select “Solwin”, click “Manage Prevnext” and choose “General”. Congrats! Now you can toggle between the products in your live website.

What to do with WordPress CMS?

If you are using a WordPress site, it’s even easier for you to get the pagination! There are loads of Plug-ins available in WordPress. “CBX Next Previous Link” is considered as one of the best. This Plug-in comes with different Prev-next buttons and you can set custom images according to your preference. Don’t panic regarding the installation process, it’s as simple as any other is!

“Smarter Navigation” is another choice for your Prev-next option if you don’t like the above Plug-in. This comes with exciting buttons that can add values to your site. The addition of previous_post_smart() and next_post_smart() into your theme makes your site more elegant unlike WP’s conventional elementary options.


These are just a few examples of the huge applications of Prevnext. You can add value to your site just by adding this simple yet vital module. There are lots of other applications in the different context of the module. I have mentioned the examples which I found were important enough. If you have any other examples in mind, feel free to write it down in the comment section.

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