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How to Import Entourage Database into Outlook 2019 – A Smart Solution

Microsoft Entourage once was among the popular email clients developed for Mac platform. But with Microsoft shifting its attention on the bigger and better Outlook platform, Entourage has lost its touch. Especially with the launch of Outlook 2019 for Mac & Windows, the need has never been greater to import Entourage database to Outlook.

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Technicalities involving Entourage to Outlook migration

Email conversion is generally a tedious task to perform especially if the mailbox files of involved email clients are different. This very statement holds true for Entourage and Outlook too. Although both are developed by Microsoft, they completely different in terms of functionalities, interface and mailbox files. MBOX is the native file format of Entourage client while MS Outlook uses the secure PST format to store its data. Outlook does not support this MBOX format, which makes this migration process complex and difficult to achieve.

Some Methods to Export Entourage Database into Outlook

Below are some common ways by which the mailbox data can be migrated to Outlook platform.

Via Mediator Email Applications

There is a way in which MBOX supported email client are used as mediators to carry out the said migration. However, it is not a full-proof solution since it involves a number of importing and exporting steps for process completion. The brief steps are as follows:

  • Export MBOX file from Entourage
  • Import the MBOX file in Apple Mail
  • Change File Extension to .MBX and Open in Eudora
  • Import from Eudora to Outlook Express
  • Finally, move the emails from Outlook Express to MS Outlook platform.

These many steps are a clear indicator of time-consumption and effort required to export the Entourage data in Outlook. It incorporates a high risk of data loss and brings low productivity which does more harm than good in the conversion scenario.

Via IMAP Configuration

Using IMAP enabled Webmail accounts is a common practice to sync Entourage emails to Microsoft Outlook 2019 or other versions. With Gmail providing 15GB storage space in the free plan, it is the most likely choice in this scenario. The brief explanation of what exactly happens in this method is as follows:

  • Configure the Gmail account in Entourage mail client
  • Select and move all Entourage emails to a new folder within the Gmail account
  • Once done, open Gmail in browser to ensure that the moved files are present
  • Now, configure the same account in MS Outlook 2019 platform
  • Download the emails and you will have access to all the Entourage database into Outlook platform.

This is actually a good way to carry out the required conversion. However, it is not feasible for the transfer of a large number of emails due to limited storage capabilities of webmail accounts.

Via Entourage MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion

It is evident from the other solutions that moving large sized Entourage mailbox is a problematic task. Moreover, the described methods are indirect means of conversion which requires the help of several mediatory applications and services. This adds to the data-loss and other risk factors which directly hampers the productivity of migration.

For these very reasons, the demand for third-party solutions has skyrocketed. Because they not only provide effective and accurate results but also minimizes the time required to export emails from Entourage database to Outlook. All you require is a powerful Entourage to Outlook Converter to transfer the said Entourage mailbox i.e, MBOX file to the corresponding Outlook format (PST).

The process goes like this:

I. Export MBOX file from Entourage

  • In Entourage application, go to File > Export > Items to an Entourage Archive
  • Select the checkbox of items that you want to export and click on Right arrow
  • Choose if you want to delete Entourage items after exporting them and again click right arrow
  • Finally, click on the Save button to have the MBOX file stored in your local machine

II. Convert the MBOX file to Outlook PST

Use the Entourage to Outlook Converter for seamless migration of MBOX files. It will maintain the folder structure, data integrity and nullify any sort of data loss issues during the export process. On successful completion, a UNICODE PST will be generated by the tool. It ensures that the PST file is compatible with each and every Outlook version including Outlook 2019.

III. Import the PST in Outlook 2019 platform

  • Open Outlook 2019 for Mac
  • Go to File > Import…
  • Select the Outlook for Windows archive file(.pst) and Continue
  • Now, navigate to the previously converted PST files and choose Import
  • Once done, click on Finish button

You can find all the imported Entourage items under the On my Computer navigation panel.

Wrapping up

The introduction of Outlook 2019 platform has brought upon a wave of email migration scenarios. Users of various email clients are trying to switch towards Outlook 2019 due to its advanced features and better security. One of these scenarios involves the transfer of Entourage database to Outlook 2019. Through this article, we covered some of the most commonly used methods to convert Entourage MBOX to PST. We also came across some challenges faced by users during the implementation of provided ways. Although, all of these can be easily dealt with by using the provided smart software solution.

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