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Iceberg theory on Language Acquisition

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An enormous floating piece of Ice in the open water found especially in the cold regions is known as an ice berg. It is dangerous for the ships because only twenty percent of its partial structure is visible on the surface of water while rest of the eighty percent is submerged into the water. This is very dangerous for the ships sailing on the surface of water, but today with the help of technology the accidents and damages can be prevented. Join language and medical coding training course from best medical coding institute famous as Only Success Middle East in Dubai.

The dual iceberg theory was proposed by the Jim Cummins, and before going any further you just imagine, how an ice berg looks like? Only Success Middle East is famous for language courses and OET test and training in Al Ain.


This theory is a hypothesis that compares an individual who tries to learn second language with dual iceberg. It shows the interdependence that signifies the importance of first language while two tips are two different languages. The tips show the first and second languages of an individual. Come to Only Success for SAT coaching in Sharjah!

The bottom of the dual ice is shared commonly by the dual tips that imply the common area shared same as the interpersonal communication skills exist within the individual.

Lexical levels on iceberg based to comprehension 

In this dual ice berg just imagine the bottom area which is common to both tips that show first and second language proficiency, so this bottom area is like a common proficiency area which is not visible from the surface.

For a while consider this common proficiency area for interpersonal communication found within the bilingual person, as the collection of words that you recognize but do not know the meaning of it.

On the other side at the same level there are the words that you can comprehend once they are repeated, and this ability of comprehension is because of every time the context is the same in repetition.

Next to it there are the words that are comprehended partially though they are out of the context, while beside it there are the words that are fully comprehended by you though they are out of the context.  The criteria given above make huge collection of words that can or cannot be understood but you fail to make use of it.

Near the water surface on Iceberg

As we travel from the bottom to the water surface gradually there are some words still under the water on the iceberg. You successfully remember some words when you need them but unfortunately you can use this category of lexicon for writing purpose because when it comes to speaking you will not be able to produce it.

Next to it there is a word category that contains the words that you spoke once successfully, and now you are onto the nearest point of the tip of the either of the languages where the categories of words lie that you have been using is proficiently. Acquire your seat for SAT coaching in Sharjah now!

At the tip of the ice berg there are the words that you have full command on those, so it can be said that if you know ‘n’ number of words then your lexical strength is five times the ‘n’.

How to elevate the level of words?

If you come across any word for the first time keep using it and this is the best use of your neural sources. This word on repetition will become the part of the tip of the iceberg that has risen from the bottom, which also means that you have mastered that word. Get OET test training in Al Ain and medical coding training course in Dubai from the institute!

No matter which language you are tend to learn but there are golden suggestions to master the new words

  • Use the word with the help of receptive skills as much as you can, and receptive skills are listening and reading.
  • Try to come into the contact of any native speaker or in other language find the language partner. Join OET training in Al Ain with Only Success ME which is also famous for best medical coding institute in Dubai!
  • The power question strategy is very effective like probe yourself perpetually with the questions like
  • What is the meaning of this?
  • How it works in sentences?
  • How to pronounce it?

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