How to use web analytics to get to know your customers.

The best way to analyze your website data is to use Google analytics. Even Google itself makes it mandatory to use Google analytics for any website. And the main purpose of using Google analytics is tracking the performance of your website’s visitors.  You can see from where a visitor is landing on your website. With the help of Google Analytics data, you can track the behaviour of any visitor. That can help you to make some regular and essential changes to your website. 

But the problem is how to use it effectively so that you can take the best of Google analytics. Sometimes the interference of Google analytics looks more complex. But in this article we will make it easy for you. 

Start With Audience Overview

An audience overview is a place where you can see the first glance of your visitors activities. It will show you the full visitor’s details of a certain time period. That might look a little bit messy sometimes. But with time this can help you figure out the whole report of your visitors. Here you can select a certain time period and then analyze the full details on that particular time period. You can check from where they are coming from, how much time they are spending, new users, user repetition, etc. There are several sections that are available in the Google Analytics audience overview section.

Real-Time Report

As the name refers to the real-time report, means the activities happening at the current time on your website. With the help of a real-time report, you can check how many visitors are online on your website. What is their location, which device they are using, what is the source they are coming from, etc? There are several reports you can get from the real-time report from Google analytics. Without Google Analytics, you can never know about your customers.

Behavior report of your website: 

This is a very useful tool for any business. Businesses can make their website completely on the basis of their customers’ behaviors. If a certain type of action on your website is liked by the customers then you can retain the same process further. On the behavior section, you can track how a user is behaving with your website’s content. How long a user is spending time on your website, which button is clicking, where he is visiting after once he gets bored. It means you can check the full activity of your user who visits your website.

From where your is came from

In other words, Customer Acquisition. This is the system where you can check from which place a user came or visit your site. Or you can say the social media is vast hence tracking the user is very essential. For instance, you are getting more traffic from Instagram. In that case, if you are able to check that Instagram is your main source to get traffic then you can increase focus on Instagram specifically. You can increase the quality of content for those social media platforms from where you are getting genuine traffic.


This is the complete introduction of Google analytics. However, the best way to be comfortable with Google Analytics is to use it more and more. Because there are many things to explain for Google Analytics. With the help of Google Analytics, you can build a huge and loyal customer base. To maintain your Google Analytics account and follow the necessary steps to make things easy for you. And if you are searching for a digital marketing agency in Delhi. Then we are the best digital marketing agency for small businesses. Visit our site contact us for more details.

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