How To Take Care of Hearing Impaired Person


Caring of someone is a noble work and it reflects the humanity in nature. In fact people. Who are caring to the needies are also considered as the angels of god. In the context of Hearing impaired person, this noble cause is withstanding. Persons with hearing impaired are need to be treated and taking care of by us.

How to take care of hearing impaired persons:-

  • Speak to the hearing impaired person from face to face through sign language. Do not try to look elsewhere as it causes difficulty for the deaf person to concentrate properly.
  • Your lip movements also have a significant effect to hearing an impaired person. Do not over-emphasize or distort your lips when you speaks to a deaf person.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Make sure that there is no extra sound present when you have a conversation with the hearing impaired person. Such as other people talking in same location, sounds from alarm, dac, mobile phones or other gazettes etc.
  • Use body language or facial expression as it helps a deaf person to gain focus easily to the expression you provide.
  • Make sure that. Hearing aids devices are functioning properly and are regularly checked by an aid specialist.
  • Detect any smoke in room caused by smoking or other reason as smoke can obscure a communication between hearing impaired and normal person.
  • If there is an interpreter present in the conversation room than do not create obstacle in the interpretation.
  • Make sure not to cover your face or having long moustaches, beards as this can avert the concentration of the deaf person.
  • If the conversation is important for the needy. You have to write your expression whenever possible. Persons with hearing impaired are more likely to understand the person well who writes written expression.
  • Learn sign language as proper as possible as this is the most powerful and significant tool to communicate to the deaf person.
  • Stand a meter or away from hearing impaired person as this helps him /her to focus to your lip movements better.
  • Repeat what you say or express as many times if necessary until you observe that the hearing impaired person understands your conversation.
  • Try to gifts them something which will be useful for them in daily life. There are lots of gift ideas for deaf people which you can buy for them. This will make them feel special and happy.

Apart from these. There is also other factors to be considered. Such as age, medical report, Physical fitness, mental status of hearing impaired person before beginning a conversation with these persons.

  • In context of age, hearing impaired person may vary in their behavior and their ability to understand the expression. An old age person have some difficulty in understanding and focussing on the expression whereas young person can communicate well.
  • If hearing impaired person is sick or have other diseases. Then it can be difficult for him to communicate with the other persons effectively.
  • If a hearing impaired person is not physically fit. For e.g, moving his/her head or legs or any kind of physical problem then. He can have difficulty in identifying lip movement or any kind of body language of a person.
  • Mental status of a hearing impaired person is the major constraint towards building. It communication between a hearing impaired person and a normal person. A mentally unstable person always have difficulty in identifying the expression presented by you.

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