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How to Stay Connected to Customers In this Pandemic Outbreak?

Keep connected during COVID-19 with an experiential marketing agency in London. Don’t let COVID-19 stop business from growing.

During this ongoing situation, it’s more important than ever to keep connected with your customers. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to reinvent their priorities and marketing strategies. As over half the world’s population socially isolates, how can you stay connected while still staying safe? Here at Street PR, a leading experiential marketing agency in London, we’ve got the best tips and tricks to keep connected with your customers during the outbreak.

Social Media

Social media is more important than ever. While we may need to be physically apart, social media can create a sense of community. Use social media to spark discussion and encourage customers to connect with each other. Shared stories and experiences will help us all feel normal, even for a short while.

Share Staff Experiences

How are you and your staff dealing with the changes you’re facing? How are you managing with the challenges the current situation keeps bringing up? Share your experiences with your customer community. Let them know what struggles you are facing and the ways you’re supporting staff well-being during this time.

Document History

Whether you like it or not, we’re going through a global event that will become much discussed history in years to come. Embrace this aspect of the crisis and find ways for your business – and your customers – to document their unique ways of living through isolation. Share tips for coping with boredom, cupboard shelf recipes, or how people have stayed connected in line with lockdown rules. Your customers will feel they’re creating something with you and this will give them a focus during this time.

Automate Your Marketing

Keeping regular contact with customers is important but you’ve got to prioritise the health and well-being of your staff. Automating your marketing with text or email means that your staff can keep working at home while keeping safely away from each other.

Keep Your Website Working

Did you know that internet usage is up by over 70% in the current climate? Most people are relying on the internet to keep in touch and to keep working. Make sure that your website is up, running, and responding to customers. Check that it is kept up to date and responding to customer queries during this time. Ensure there’s plenty of targeted content, easy to access services, and a consistent brand identity.

Blog Regularly

Regular content will encourage people to interact with your business. You could share how your business is staying safe and how customers can do the same. You could give tips on staying active, keeping fit or even interesting recipe ideas.

Experiential marketing builds bonds between consumer and brand with immersive, memorable experiences. StreetPR, as an experiential marketing agency in London, works directly with marketing agencies and brands to manage staffing and logistics for engaging campaigns. Please contact us today to discuss our bespoke services.

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