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In the United Arab Emirates, trading is among the most critical sectors (UAE). According to new figures, the United Arab Emirates is the world’s 25th largest exporter. We must first examine the trend. Dubai ranks first for airport links to commercial centers and sixth for the most inexpensive city. Everyone nowadays is interested in learning more about the Import and Export Business Opportunities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.The most sought-after company license category in Dubai is the import-export business license, which allows investors to promote worldwide trade by establishing it in the UAE. Most UAE imports are food, precious metals, machinery, and equipment. You can setup an import-export business with IMASBiz at a low Mainland License cost in Dubai.

Why Start an Import Export Business in Dubai?

In Dubai, trade is a primary commercial sector with the several Best freezone in UAE. Import-export business in Dubai marketplaces contributes considerably to the UAE’s economic growth and is a steady growth driver for the UAE’s commercial landscape. Import and export in the UAE play an essential role due to the variables described in the PWC research; the state has the lowest corporate tax rate worldwide while ranking tenth in the cost of living index. In terms of business occupancy costs, the country is placed 17th. According to the Economic Complexity Index, the UAE has one of the world’s most complex economies.

The UAE Government’s very successful economic diversification plan has attracted many foreign companies looking for development and expansion opportunities in the Middle East. Dubai’s import and export consultant sees it as a golden age for the city.

The UAE is well-known Across the world for Below Reasons:

  1. Its Vast Oil Reserves.
  2. Dubai’s Bright Lights and Sky-high Buildings.
  3. Hotels With Seven Stars.
  4. Business Districts That Are Hopping.

Import-export activities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in high demand due to its excellent infrastructure and strategic location at the intersection of important trade routes connecting Europe, China, the Indian subcontinent, and the MENA region.

Business Opportunities for Import and Export in Dubai 2022: The Top 10

UAE authorities signed various free trade agreements to decrease tariffs on goods exchanged between nations to encourage and sustain trade in Dubai and the other Emirates. Double tax treaties are in place, and the city strives to make imports and exports as straightforward as possible.

Investment prospects in Dubai’s import and export sector are plentiful.

1. Export business Agent

In international commerce, an export trade agent is a party involved in the shipment of goods from one country to another. To start this firm, you must have a working knowledge of currency transactions and government import and export regulations and policies.

2. Art Exports

You can also start an Art exporting business in Dubai for those interested. Luxurious things have become more prevalent in Dubai because of the city’s reputation as an exotic resort with exotic amenities. Art from throughout the world is one of them.

Fine Art imports are subject to a 5% tariff in the United Arab Emirates. It is common for additional VAT (Value Added Tax) of 5% to be imposed, regardless of whether the Art is imported simply for personal use or public display with no intention of resale. As a result, art exports and imports will be a lucrative business in 2022.

3. Product Sourcing Agent

You can easily access the export value chain as a product sourcing agency. An exportation business can be started with a small amount of money and little or no prior business experience. All you need is a keen eye for detail and a well-developed sense of order. Local buying agents and commodities merchants can also be a source of support for your business.

4. Freight Brokerage Company

Clients and shipping businesses can benefit from freight brokerage services provided by freight brokers. Freight brokerage firms are often known as clearing and forwarding agents. You may start a freight brokerage business in Dubai because of the city’s booming export economy.

5. Precious Metals Marketing

Dubai’s most lucrative export is diamonds and other precious stones, such as gold and silver. An entrepreneur can consistently profit from the massive demand for these precious metals in various countries worldwide.

6. Vehicle Exports

When it comes to exporting automobiles, Dubai is a great option. Automakers are a potential source of collaboration. With a growing interest in autos, Dubai has long been home to some of the world’s most prestigious automotive manufacturers. The import and export specialists always see it as a great opportunity.

Dubai is a good site for automobile exports, as companies like Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce sell most of their automobiles there.

7. Auto Parts Exports

Even if you’re not interested in exporting cars, you can still work in the automobile sector by selling small-scale items like parts and tools. Demand for automobile parts is at an all-time high. Auto parts businesses might take advantage of this as an outstanding investment opportunity.


Trade enterprises in Dubai have access to various import and export regulations that make it easier for them to obtain a New Company license in UAE and conduct business. Examples are import and export regimes from free zones and imports for re-exporting operations. The documents must be given depending on the chosen procedure for any form of import or export operation.

You must complete the steps listed below to obtain a license in Dubai:

  1. A Dubai import-export business license must be obtained by the Dubai Economic Department (DED) or one of the UAE Free Zones before operations can commence (Department of Economic Development).
  2. The Customs Department must also process the import-export code and customs registration clearance before approval of the trade license.
  3. Any company wishing to begin importing or exporting goods into or out of the UAE requires a valid General Trading license in Dubai.

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