How to settle with the IRS

How To Settle With The IRS

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Facing up to tax debt is a reality that millions of Americans face every single year. It is a daunting prospect to have the weight of the IRS bearing down on you and many Americans end up paying more and making their lives drastically worse through inaction or simply accepting the course of action the IRS set. It doesn’t need to be this way. When you receive that first notice from the IRS you have three paths in front of you – contact the IRS and accept whatever path they set out for you – ignore the IRS – seek expert guidance to reduce your debt and secure a favorable outcome without penalties, interest and a host of draconian terms that will ruin your financial future.

Which path should you take?

Path 1 is where the IRS wants you and many Americans feel steamrolled into this path. The IRS has complete control; they receive the absolute maximum from you financially and in many cases much more once interest and penalties are taken into account. While good for the IRS, it can’t be overstated how poor this is for you. Regardless of the enormous financial pressure that it will exert, the IRS will press further and further to ensure they recoup as much of the tax debt as possible and a range of measures at their disposal can lead to complete financial devastation for you and your family. Property seizures, tax liens, bank levies and wage garnishments can leave you ruined both financially and mentally. It’s also important to understand that now with third party debt collection agencies’ working on behalf of the IRS the pressure has been ramped up on the American taxpayer. These agencies are notorious for providing bad advice and forcing taxpayers into untenable financial situations that are ruinous.

How to settle with the IRS

Path 2 is the worst possible path to take. You are not going to slip through the cracks and disappear from the IRS’s radar. They may seem slow to act at times but that shouldn’t lull you into a false sense of security. Every letter you ignore is further hurting your situation, the longer it goes on the more you owe. The IRS will catch up with you and they will win, ignoring them risks far more than your financial security, it may end up with a criminal conviction or a custodial sentence. If you are on this path, stop now. Turn around, reassess and give yourself a fighting chance because ignoring the IRS is guaranteed to end badly for you.

Expert guidance to save you from tax debt

The previous two paths don’t offer much in the way of comfort to American taxpayers, obviously the first path keeps you out of court but still brings enormous financial hardships. Path 3 is the obvious choice but the problem is that so many American taxpayers don’t even know that it is an option. With expert guidance from a company like Defense Tax Group, you no longer have to accept financial ruin. You no longer have to feel that you are facing the might of the IRS on your own and most importantly you can massively reduce what you owe, giving you a fighting chance.
Without a strong advocate to advise, guide and fight your corner, the IRS are an insurmountable opponent. Defense Tax Group brings a highly experienced team of in-house tax lawyers and our own in-house CPA to your case to ensure that you receive the very best outcome. There is so much bad advice being given to American taxpayers by third parties with conflicting interests it is essential to secure help that is independent, honest and completely focused on your best interests – that’s exactly what Defense Tax Group does, we only care about you!

Our expertise means that we can secure a far better outlook for you.

Through an IRS offer in compromise we can settle your tax debt to the IRS for a fraction of the amount owed.

1. We can remove interest charges and penalties that would otherwise ruin you financially.
2. We can prevent or stop wage garnishments that would cripple you financially and leave you with no money to live on.
3. We can remove tax liens and bank levies.
4. We can prevent or stop property seizures.

In the last 5 years we have successfully represented 10,000 clients, saving them over $300 million.

Every single American taxpayer needs to understand that when faced with tax debt, the very best advice is to not be a passenger. Don’t allow the IRS or third party collection agencies to set the path you are on – they don’t have your best interests at heart. Defense Tax Group only has one goal, one agenda – to secure the very best outcome for our clients and together we can make sure your future is brighter!

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