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How To Prepare For IELTS Test? (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

Preparing for IELTS exam but too stressed? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. The test may look like an easy one but it takes hard work to score good. In case you don’t know much about the IELTS exam, it is a test for English proficiency that attracts many students and professionals from all over the world who want to get admission or make a career abroad. As English is spoken globally, it is preferred by all the leading universities and institutions. However, it is important to create strategies that help you secure good scores. Here are a few proven methods that will help:

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#1 Make Cardio Your Best Friend

20-25 minutes of cardio a day will pave your way. It is a proven fact that cardio improves memory and eliminates stress. It can be in any form you love that may include jogging, dancing, walking, etc. To prepare well, it is important to keep yourself relaxed so that you can prepare better for the exam. A classroom IELTS Training in Al Ain won’t be enough.

#2 Study In Intervals

Nobody would love to keep studying or doing anything for hours without a single break. And, there’s no use of doing this as well. IELTS course contains language chapters that cannot be studied back to back. Studying in intervals will work. Create a plan, divide a large chapter into smaller segments and start. In this way, you will be able to grasp more in less time.

#3 Learn To Manage Time

If you are a professional, time management will play an important role. Cramming will invite anxiety and stress. So, you must learn how to manage time efficiently. A good schedule with proper breaks will help you learn more and score better.

#4 Ditch The All-Nighter

All-nighter may look like a good idea but it is actually not. You must have done this during your college days but IELTS is different, you need to understand that. As per a study done in 2008, the things learnt during all-nighters lasts for a maximum of four days. It might work for your college exams but IELTS is not limited to scores. It is a skill that you need to learn and remember for years. So, it’s better to learn things in part and studying daily instead of taking such shortcuts.

#5 Take Mock Tests

This is something you will get to do while undergoing an best ielts training dubai. But if you feel that’s not enough, you can find more such tests online. It is a good idea to practice before appearing in the IELTS test. Highlighting, revision, and summarising are not always going to work. You must remember that IELTS is not like your college exams. Think about it.

#6 Minimise Distractions

Putting your headphones on and studying might look like a cool combination but you won’t be able to remember the information for long that way. You should avoid listening to music while studying for an exam. Even if you do, you should prefer listening to instrumental music for that purpose. Try to keep yourself less distracted and more focused. That’s the only key to success.

#7 Eat Well

Another thing to do while opting for IELTS training in Sharjah is eating foods that help improve memorizing power. Everybody talks about the foods you should eat on the day of exam but nobody talks about what to do before that. You should try sticking to a diet that is low in fat and high in antioxidants. In case you are following a weight loss or weight gain diet plan, it is better to ditch that till the exam. You must eat a balanced diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables.

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