How to Choose the Right Winter Work Glove

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Winters are perilous. Especially for those who work in sub-arctic temperatures, winter can be a nightmare. There are many risks and dangers associated with working outside in the cold. But as a worker, you have to deal with it every day.

One way to deal with the winter elements is by wearing a good pair of winter work gloves. Insulated work gloves are one of the several protections that you’ll need to protect yourself from the perils of winter. These gloves act as a good measure to keep your hands warm and safe, and you should always opt for a pair that aptly fulfill your winter requirements.

But how to choose the right winter work glove? What are the factors that make for a quality glove that will help protect your hands and offer a full range of movements at the same time? Let’s find out.

Dangers of Working Unprotected in the Cold

Hands are the most important tools that a worker has and you just can’t afford to leave them unprotected. If proper precautions are not taken, you leave your hands exposed to the harsh winter elements that can cause profuse damage to your hands.


Frostbites are the most common injury caused by exposure to severe cold. They are not pretty and the most vulnerable body parts are fingers, toes, ear, nose, etc. Frostbites can cause permanent damage to a worker’s hands that can even require amputation.

Frostbite injures your hands the same way burns do. Discoloration, swelling, and numbness are common, and in severe cases can even cause tissue death.

Increased Accidents

Even if no frostbites, the cold outside is sure to make a worker’s hands go cold and clumsy. The dexterity of hands that is required to do jobs such as holding onto objects like a ladder, goes missing if you leave your hands unprotected. That can lead to several accidents and injuries to people and property, which then leads to a drop in productivity for the business.

Anatomy of the Right Winter Work Glove

Mittens are one of the best types of hand protection for the harsh winter conditions. However, mittens do not offer the dexterity that’s required to work. So, most outdoor workers will not practically be benefitted from mittens.

A good insulated work glove has several different layers that help you protect your hands outdoors. The three features that you should look for in a winter work glove are:

  • A water-repellent outer coating. This coating or material will provide water and wind resistance acting as the first layer of protection.
  • A god winter glove should have an insulating liner that traps air inside, and air being a bad conductor helps keep your hands warm. They also have moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • Comfort, dexterity, and a good fit.

Multifunction Insulated Glove

While working out, you’ll have to deal with more than just cold. So, several manufacturers offer winter gloves that offer protection for a variety of Jobsite hazards. In addition to offering protection to fight the cold, these gloves can protect you against cuts, impacts, abrasive materials, and many others.

So, it’s important to select the right glove that will protect you satisfactorily against every type of hazard that may happen in your workplace.

A Good Winter Work Glove Must Fit Right

Lastly, good insulated work gloves must be just the right fit. Not too big neither too small should be your choice in selecting your pair. Gloves that fit loosely can get caught in machinery and cause accidents. The same goes for gloves that are too tight. Poorly fitted gloves also result in loss of dexterity and grip strength that is so much required in work.

So, choose a pair of glove that has the perfect fit. Remember that your hands are capable of complex movements and that is what makes them unique and invaluable. Thus always protect your hands with the right pair of winter work gloves.

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