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How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Contractors In Dubai

UAE is a warm country and having a Swimming Pool in any house only includes luxury to the property. A swimming pool is one element that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house. It is one place, where you can spend some recreational time with your family and friends.

If you have available space in the property, the inclusion of a swimming pool will only increase its value. Swimming pool contractors in Dubai can install a quality swimming pool in no time. It will be one place where everyone would love to hang out and want to spend some quality time with you.

  • Different types of swimming pools

Many people don’t know that all swimming pools are not the same. According to building materials, there can be various types of swimming pools available in the market. Here are some popular types of swimming pools that you often see around you in residential buildings.

  • Concrete Swimming Pool

This is the most common type of swimming pool that you can see in most houses. This type of swimming pool is made by pouring concrete mixture over reinforced steel bars. When the concrete gets set, pool designers Dubai put blue tiles over the concrete and fill it with water.

It is one of the most inexpensive types of swimming pools that you can install at your house. They are most suitable for the outside. However, the construction period of this type of swimming pool can be long and it may take around 55 to 30 days.

  • Fiberglass Pool

As a pool building material, fiberglass is becoming very popular these days. This material is lightweight and 100% water-resistant. Fiberglass swimming Pools come in preformed shape. Compared to the concrete swimming pool, it takes way less time to install.

However, you cannot install these pools outside. UV rays of the sun can slowly degrade the fiberglass. As a result, it will have a crack after a couple of years of use. UV rays also fade its color and take off the shininess. For this reason, this type of swimming pool is suitable for indoor use.

  • Vinyl Swimming Pool

A Vinyl swimming pool is one of the best alternatives to concrete swimming pools. The main structure of this type of swimming pool is made from metal or plastic frames and the pool shell is made from the heavy vinyl lining. Fungus and UV inhibitor coating prolongs its lifespan and makes it last 15 to 18 years.

Vinyl swimming pools look great from their appearance, but they can be costly than concrete swimming pools. However, the building time of a vinyl swimming pool is much less. A vinyl swimming pool can be built in less than 12 to 18 days only.

  • Swimming Pool repair

Just like the other parts of the house, swimming pools also require regular maintenance and care. Otherwise, it will see fungus build-up and crack formation in the pool. Over a period, it will ruin the look of the pool and water will become unhealthy for swimming.

It can be avoided by regular maintenance of the swimming pool. The Swimming pool Maintenance Company in Dubai is an expert in this task. Their regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the swimming pool. Their timely cleanup work will stop fungus build-up and keep the water of the swimming pool safe for swimming.

  • Swimming Pool Renovation

Everything has a lifespan and after a certain period, everything falls apart. Old swimming pools that exceed 15 to 20 years need big repair. At this time, it becomes necessary to renovate the pool. Choosing the latest design is the best option at the time of renovation.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment in Dubai is one of the best companies for this job. They have lots of experience in modern swimming pool building and garden landscaping. For this reason, they will understand your needs and help you renovate your old swimming pool in every possible way. Compared to other Swimming pool designing companies they charge way less.

Having a swimming pool can make the house complete in every possible way. It is your private waterfront where you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family. For making it extra luxury, you can add water jets to it. The artificial current made by water jets will make it more special.


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