Having a personalised sports kit is a cakewalk with manufacturers like Zapkam who help you design your own sportswear. The best part about designing your own sportswear with Zapkam is that you can choose virtually any colour under the sky and add your club’s, team’s or sponsor’s logo as well as your team members’ names, initials and numbers on the kit.

Between these incredible advantages, many people have often encountered a tiny hiccup when choosing the right size for their personalised sports kit. Being no stranger to that, we decided to write this blog and help those of you in haze with a quick helpful guide.

How To Measure Your Size?

To be able to select a size for your sports kit, you should know the right size that fits you. And to learn that, you may need to measure your size. The process for that is pretty simple. First, you need to find yourself a piece of clothing that fits you fine. When you have that, lay it down on a flat table. Grab your measuring tape and measure the chest from underarm to underarm, as well as the length from top to bottom. Once you have the measurement of your clothing item, compare it with the size guide on the manufacturer’s site to find your best fit.

That should solve your dilemma of finding the perfectly fitting personalised sports kit for yourself.

Slim Fit Vs Standard Fit

Another minor speed bump faced by many of us when customising our sports kit is the confusion between slim fit and standard fit. Here we clear the air.

Slim fit refers to tighter fitting items which sit better and are more fitted around the body. They are widely used and adored by semi-professional clubs. These are modern and stylish and look professional and smart when you turn up to your games. Needless to say, these are perfect for those with a strong preference for tighter fits and may not catch interest of those of who prefer looser fits.

Standard fits, on the other hand, are larger fitting clothing with baggy tracksuit bottoms. These are longer in the body and therefore, are better for those who prefer looser fit. Also, because they are loose fit, they offer more movement in the garments making it perfect for sportsmen.

With this information, we are certain you would be able to choose better between slim fit and standard fit.

Try Size Samples On

Some manufacturers like Zapkam offer this incredible option of trying samples on before you buy. To avail it, all you got to do is visit their website and order size samples in two quick steps.

This option is particularly favorable when customising your sportswear for more often than not, manufacturers do not accept returns or entertain exchanges of custom made sportswear.

On that note, we hope this blog helps you in getting your personalised sports kits in the right sizes and that you win many matches in them.

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