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How to Choose Flip Book Maker: 6 Tips for you!

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Digitization has been changing our life for 3 decades. More and more people around the world are embracing digitization and make their lives better. In the present time, when the world is facing a pandemic, digitization has turned out more important for people, businesses, and particularly publishing houses. Publishing houses and businesses have to pay fixed liabilities such as office rent and staff while their distribution & advertising revenue have been upended. Keeping in view of this scenario, a number of publishers have turned digital and unlocked novel revenue streams for their businesses. Further, they have increased their productivity and reach. In a nutshell, they have got results. A crucial software program that plays a key role in digitization is the flip book maker. In this write-up, we discuss the top 6 tips on how to choose flip book maker.

  1. Features

No doubt features top the list when it comes to choosing a flip book maker software program. The crucial features which you should look for are video and audio incorporation, auto hyperlinking, and more. The video incorporation feature is important since a lot of people expect videos to be there in a publication. And the auto hyperlinking feature can internally and externally link resources.

  1. Customization

Another important factor on how to choose flip book maker is the customization feature. Make sure that your flipbook can be customized according to the theme of your brand and website. It allows you to do color customization and make a logo that suits your brand identity on the web. You should be in full control of your publication’s visual appearance.

  1. Pricing

When you are making the list on how to choose flip book maker software program, then it is not right if you are not incorporating pricing in it. You are required to get the best software in your budget. It is recommended to compare different pricing and plans prior to zeroing down your search on anyone. More often than not, software vendors’ plans are divided into 2-3 categories. You are required to carefully examine each and every plan and pick the one that caters to your publishing needs.

  1. Social media sharing

It may sound a basic feature, but it is indispensable. Make sure to get the flip book maker which has social sharing buttons. Today everyone is on social media platforms and if you do not have an influential identity on social media you are losing a lot of business. If you wish to build your brand awareness, you need to work on your social media platforms.

  1. Digital subscription management

The world is confronting a pandemic and people are going away from paper printed publications. Today, distribution systems are affected as well and thus old school publishers are facing a lot of problems. Nonetheless, digital subscriptions come as a cool breeze in such situations. Publishers can turn digital and manage their subscribers easily with flip book maker software. Publishers can easily send out the latest issue of their magazine to their subscribers right into their computer or handheld device. Subscribers can as well pay publishers on their websites through digital means.

  1. Analytics

Another important to look for in a flip book maker software program is the analytics feature. Make sure you select the software program that provides you all information regarding reader engagement. For instance, you should know what device, location, etc. have been used when a reader comes on your publication.

So, these are the 6 tips that can certainly help you to choose the best flip book maker software program available on the web.

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