How To Avoid Fraud On Online Matrimony Websites

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Cases of frauds are growing through matrimonial websites. Many families have been duped in the past and the trend continues on unabated. Since it’s easy to create false profile and use fake images to create a good impression on unsuspecting in search of match-making, some crooks use these sites to achieve malicious purposes. Although a lot of families have benefited from matrimonial sites, the time has come to take more caution with their use so that more lives can saved from being ruined.

So, should people stop trusting online marriage sites and rather start turning back to the old system of leveraging the network of relatives to find the right match for their progeny?

Well, there is nothing wrong with these sites and in fact, their purpose is noble but it’s the fraudsters who are bringing it a bad name. While an element is risk is certainly involved in blindly trusting a match from matrimonial sites, you can still take some precautions and minimize the dangers that cheating cases pose.

Here are some of tips to benefit from matrimonial sites and also minimize the chances of cheating –

Take help of matrimonial sites but don’t blindly trust any profile

Hundreds of thousands of marriages take place each year through marriage sites as their database is huge and finding a right match is just a click away through them. So, you can also benefit from them but with the knowledge that the profiles created on these sites may be fake or profiles may have wrong information. It’s true that most marriages that happen through matrimonial sites are successful but this does not mean you should trust them without being informed of the risk they pose.

Once you have zeroed on any profile, it’s always better to start checking the authenticity and genuineness of the information provided with the profile. You can get in touch with the prospective family through phone number or chat but then this won’t serve the purpose beyond a point. You will still need a background check on the prospect to be sure of their authenticity.

Look for a complete background check on the match

The route of background check can help a lot with the use of matrimonial sites as then it can greatly reduce the chances of frauds. It’s absolutely fine to trust these sites but you also need to go a step further and look for a complete background check on the prospective match. While you can trust relatives and acquaintances to help with finding some useful information on the match, it would be even great if you availed the services of a detective agency in Mumbai for this task. Since they are experts and have a vast network and advanced equipment, the results provided by them can always be great.

Hire private detectives for pre-matrimonial investigation

More families now hire the services of private detectives for pre-matrimonial investigation and this trend is witnessed across India be it Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Lucknow or any other part of the country. In fact, marriage detectives are in high demand across societal strata as their utility is great in running background check on the prospect and find all the information that can help families take informed decision regarding the marriage of their son or daughter.

Right from checking the job to education background, financial health to medical health, criminal record to previous marriage or divorce cases, pre-matrimonial investigation can help you in many ways and bring the kind of information you need in taking right decision regarding marriage. So, you should not think twice before turning to experts for pre-matrimonial investigation as only this could bring you the peace mind you need with the decision over your son or daughter’s impending marriage.


Online marriage sites can help you find the right match but can never guarantee that they information and profile created on is accurate. That is why you should hesitate in approaching a private investigator Mumbai so that background check could be done and you could be sure about the match you feel right for your progeny.

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