How recruitment agencies should adapt to the challenges during this pandemic?

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic online recruitment software in the UK is a lifesaver for employers who have to find new ways to work.

As the general public is being urged to practise social distancing in an attempt to contain and delay the spread of the virus as much as possible, there has been an inevitable shift in working practices as those who can, are being encouraged to work from home or take the option of being furloughed until further notice.

Of course, for recruiters, the path ahead is unclear. With businesses in turmoil, many employers are choosing to freeze the hiring process until things settle down. In some ways this is understandable. But with the economy in turbulence and employment rates set to plummet, many businesses and recruiters alike are thinking of ways to continue appointing staff and running their business while adhering to the government guidance surrounding Coronavirus rather than simply downing tools altogether.

But how exactly can recruitment agencies adapt to the challenges of the pandemic and continue working during this time of uncertainty?

Utilise technology

Tech and recruitment are not strangers. Online recruitment software in the UK has been a significant element of the recruitment industry for years now. During this time of isolation, however, digital practices are more valuable than ever. Online job portals, social media engagement and advanced ATS can still be used as normal. Recruiters could also consider using video calls for remote meetings/interviews.

It is also advisable to use digital applicant tracking systems so that recruiters can store any relevant information about potential candidates and their exposure to Covid-19 prior to them having to have any physical interaction with recruiters or their employer – for example asking them if they have travelled anywhere or if they are in the vulnerable category. Keep a log of this important information digitally for future reference and ensure you adhere to GDPR rules.

Consider global recruitment

One of the benefits of remote working is that you can use online recruitment software UK to find and hire anyone from anywhere across the world. Without the pressures of finding someone who can physically transport themselves into your workplace, the talent pool becomes so much bigger. We are all operating in a virtual workplace now, something that brings challenges of its own but also opens many doors for an extensive, global workforce. Using the long-distance, remote working business model is a necessity at the moment but it could easily become a preferred way of working for employers and recruiters going forward.

Keep pushing on

Although the pandemic is currently ongoing, it won’t last forever and for employers choosing to halt hiring at this stage, they may find that they have little time to get ‘back in business’ when given the green light to resume normal working practices. For that reason it is important to keep working, communicating and preparing for the eventual re-opening of business and hiring.

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