Has the marketing concepts changed since the last decade? To be precise, yes! There was a time when marketing was less used, and every business or store had their own loyal share of customers. But changes happen, and now the marketing world has undergone a complete change. Please note, this article focuses only on online marketing as we feel there is no need to delve too much into the past. So, let us go to the topic and how online marketing has changed in recent years.

A. Digital Presence

From the last decade, there has been a hurry to put every business into the internet. It may be a small or medium or large business, but mandatory, it has become, to put every business at least for reference purposes. Adaptation is a word which has become synonymous with every business in the industry. Not having a business for your business may mean you have not adapted to the recent times. Also, having a website on the internet makes your customers trust in your company brand.

B. Consistency

In the last decade, a visitor may look at two or three websites (E-commerce) wanting to make a purchase. They will not check the reviews, social media platforms and the rate of customer care service. In recent years, customers mainly reach the website after checking the offers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

C. The Increase in Sales through Online Websites

It is, only after the boom in sales of smartphones, that e-commerce websites saw an instant hike in the number of online sales. People log onto their various devices (tablets, android phones, iPhones), browse the E-commerce websites and make purchases online.

The loyalty factor has completely changed in the recent years. Today, everyone wants to get the best returns for their money. And, the advent of smartphones and digital marketing have put every business on their every toes. They have to allot a specific amount of cash for the marketing purposes. True, even five years ago, there was a marketing budget, but now with cut-throat competition, businesses have been forced to shell out more than 50 percent of their profits for retaining existing customers and for reaching/poaching new clients from rivals.

D. Social Media

Remember the time, when advertising for products used to be done only on National Television, Radios and newspapers. Compare the same with recent times. You can read a newspaper article online, and the advertisements are plenty on social media. So, the attention has shifted from a hard copy of the newspaper to online platforms.

Nobody expected a relationship or friendship platform such as Facebook to become a game changer in business marketing. But it has evolved into a giant, and it is becoming one of the popular platforms for social media marketing. True, even the search giant Google has ads, and it is preferred more over the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

There are various social media platforms where you can run ads such as Twitter and Instagram. This topic goes to show the reach, every social media platform can have for a business. If your company deals with clothes which are liked by teens, then you can concentrate only on specific age groups by running Facebook ads. The trick is to build . long-term relationships among your target audience to create a community for the products. With consistency, you can make your business to a brand.

E. Communication

In the olden days, during the brick-and-mortar store period, for any complaints, the customers used to have access to the store owners. But with online websites, the owner may be thousands of miles away, but it is possible to strike a conversation with him/her via the chat applications or social media pages. There are also lots of companies which run separate forums to solve marketing problems and complaints.

But now, have you noticed? Since 2016, the trend has changed. With the introduction of apps by every small, medium and large businesses, customers can access a company’s products, services, make the payment and even complain. In recent times, it is messenger applications that are the order of the day. Now, companies and freelancers are indulging in marketing their services even through Facebook Messenger via organic posts.

Let us take a case study, for example. You have recently started a Real-Estate business in the Capital City of Karnataka before a decade. You have made millions of rupees by selling vast tracts of land to companies. But, with many competitors entering the market, you are hard-pressed to contact new clients and solve the doubts of existing customers. So, the best way to contact new customers is by hiring the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore for your company. They will first give your website an entire check, and make the relevant plans to make your company popularity soar high over the competition.

F. Content Flowing on Internet

The internet is an open field with millions of companies/businesses from various segments proclaiming to the target market about their products and services. As per a recent survey,  there are more than 3 million people who share their private moments on Facebook as well a 20 million messages circulated via Whatsapp. So, imagine the other platforms. Don’t you think marketers of any form (digital, social media or SEO marketing) are having a tough time to get their messages to the target audience among the stiff competition?

G. Influencer Marketing

Two decades ago, businesses used to employ only film starts and television popular actors for marketing purposes. But now, the trend has changed. If you are a Facebook personality with more than a million followers or a YouTube comedian with lakhs of followers, chances are you can be hired by a business to influence your followers to purchase their products.

He/she can be a regular/normal person and still be a celebrity on a specific platform. These persons are called micro influencers.

H. Online Filling

There was a time when insurance agents used to scout for customers in offices/homes and other places. Not any more. The online marketing phenomenon has completely changed the very landscape of insurance companies in India. Now, every company will have an insurance agent who speaks with a client face-to-face or via virtual platforms. And there is no need for a customer to manually sign the forms. He/she can just log in the website, submit the details/documents and upload the form.

I. Personalized Marketing

Take the example of Apple products. They introduce their new products mainly in the month of September. The demand is such, the minute a press release of the new products hits online, the pre-sales booking (to the order of a million) happens. There are very few businesses, which can beat this type of marketing strategy by Apple.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been given a Royal Welcome in the marketing sector. Marketers have clearly understood, if a person has to purchase a product even though he does not want it, he may have to see the content at least ten times. The content may be in the form of a marketing message or a video. But please note, when he enters your website, the words on the website should reflect his needs. Then, the conversion can happen.

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