How Much to Make an App Cost for Your Upcoming Project in 2021?

Everything indeed comes with a price tag! The same goes with your development services for mobile apps where you get the quality of work for what you pay for. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a good app! Because without proper technical development expertise, you cannot get the outcomes you wished from your business app. One question that always pops up in our minds is “How much does it cost to make an app?” and the response is usually ‘It depends’, which can be confusing for many of us.

If you are reading this blog, you must have surely searched for the answers on the web and may have come across many different websites that claim to the best app cost calculator tools aimed at estimating mobile app development costs. But the question is – Are they reliable enough to help you give a genuine app cost estimate based on your requirements or just a marketing move to gain your attention. This can be hard to choose, which is why we are here to guide you with the real picture and help you identify the main drivers of mobile app development.

Topics to be covered in this blog-

  • Cost to develop an app globally 
  • Which one is Better- Outsourcing or Local?
  • Factors Impacting App Development Cost
  • Our Take on Preferred App Cost Estimation 

Estimating the App Development Cost Worldwide

The study by GoodFirms can help you get a rough estimate of the app development cost depending on the app type & complexity level. Based on the extensive research conducted globally, below are the app cost estimates for different types of mobile apps-

  • A highly complex app with a wide range of features such as Uber or Instagram may cost you anywhere from $70k to $100k
  • App with medium complexity like QuizUp or WhatsApp will be costing you between $61k to $69k
  • A simple App with fewer features like Tinder will cost you around $40k to $60k.

Talking about the hourly development rate and considering the rate of $50 per hour as average, the development of complex apps will cost around $70k and beyond. On the other hand, basic app development would cost around $25k and the cost of medium complexity apps would come around $40k to $70k.

If you are concerned about the time taken to develop the mobile apps, we can help you give a brief idea of the time required on an average to complete the development process. However, not all apps are equal, and building unique app features can take time that varies from one another. Here is the basic information to help you build the app based on average time needs-

  • Time taken to develop a basic app with simple functionality is around 500 to 700 hours.
  • A medium complexity app can take around 700 to 1000 hours to develop.
  • A highly complex app will take approximately 1200 hours of development and more.

Many companies claim to have the best app developer team and ensure that they offer the most reliable development services but it can be hard to make a selection not only for startup owners as well as for experienced firm owners. Some of the most common misunderstandings that often lead to project failure or unnecessary expenses are higher development costs, better services, and young companies are not capable enough to deliver high-quality products. Among all the factors that impact the cost of app development, geographical location is the top one.

Below are some of the hourly rates worldwide depending on different regions-

Region Android App Development Rate in $ per hour iOS App Development Rate in $ per hour
North America 168 150
South America 34 43
Australia 110 110
UK 70 70
Eastern Europe 35 35
Indonesia 12 11
India 26 30

As we can see from the above graph, North American regions (Canada or US) are the most expensive ones with the highest development rates of Android/iOS costing around $20 to $250 per hour. On the other hand, developers of South American regions may charge development rates of $25 to $120.

Australian app developers build mobile apps at the rate of $35 to $150/hour and UK app developers may charge from $35 to $175/hour. Developers of Eastern European may charge from $20 to $110/hour. App developers in Indonesia are the ones whose highest app development cost is just $20 per hour and Indian developers can charge as low as $10 to $75 per hour.

Which One is Better- Outsourcing or Local?

Apart from the app development cost, one thing that comes to your mind is to hire someone to build an app. Among the two options of outsourcing or local app development, you need to make a choice. When we compare both options, one benefit of local development is the physical proximity to the development team, which helps to ease communication.

Talking face to face with detailed discussion can help you explain your business requirements more easily before you pay for the app development process. This is one of the main reasons why some people prefer to go with the local development team. However, outsourcing can a great option for many firms as remote teams are good at adapting technological advances and meeting organizational requirements faster in a very cost-effective way. If we talk about the development expertise, foreign developers of the outsourcing firm are the ones who perform better and have a higher level of experience with lesser development costs as compared to the local ones. Suppose you don’t have any developers having expertise in particular technology near your region, you can always check out for a suitable international development team.

Comparison between Outsourced and Local Development Team

  Local Outsourced
Pros Face-to-face Interactions Higher Technical Expertise
  Better Involvement More Options for Talented Team
  Clear & Straightforward Communication Comparatively Lesser Costs
Cons Expensive Development Charges No/Lesser Personal Control
  Lack of Talents Time Zone Differences

Top Drivers Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost

Knowing the exact development cost is hard as there is no rate list for the development of apps and everything relies on various factors. The development team you hire cannot tell you the development costs right away, which is why they will estimate the number of hours that will take developers to complete your app requirements. Apart from that, we will discuss some of the top drivers that influence average development costs are-

  • App Functionalities
  • Design & Customization
  • Platforms of App
  • Location Support
  • Backend Infrastructure
  • Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Location of the Developers

One thing you must ask yourself first before building an app is how complex you want your app to be. The complexity depends on the number of functionalities and features that need to be implemented. Every feature contributes to the cost of app development. Whether it’s the number of screens, buttons, fields, or anything, the cost will be impacted.

As we said, the app complexity pretty much decides the app cost, which means developers need to use third-party API or code from start and even build simpler apps using standard ones. Below is the list of the approximate development time and cost needed to build basic to complex features (considering approx. hourly rate to be $50).

  • Login Functionality

Whether you want users to login with social media or email along with forgot password functionality, it can take 28 to 42 hours of development with the approx. cost of $1400 to $2100.

  • Profile Creation

Post-registration, the app should allow users to set locations, add information like address, gender, photo, etc. This feature will take 23 to 29 hours of development with an average cost of around $1150 to $1450.

  • Edit Profile Functionality

Your app should enable users to edit their profile with the change of password, email, payment option, profile picture & more. This feature will take around 47 to 62 hours costing $2350 to $3100.

  • File Upload Management

It can be an upload of anything i.e. video, image and may come with 20-30 hours of development time costing you from $1000 to $1500.

  • Messaging

It consists of conversation history, online/offline status, read/sent status, send media files, etc. with the average development hours of 160-170 hours and cost from $8000 to $8500.

  • Basic Search

Depending on app requirements, your users must have easy access to anything they look for through a basic search feature with smart suggestions. This feature will cost around $650 to $900 with 13-18 development hours.

  • Push Notifications

To add a push notification feature to your app, you may have to pay around $1250 to $1600 taking 25 to 32 hours of development.

  • Admin User Management

From managing users, deleting/blocking a user, or creating users, the admin user management feature can do it all, costing around $3300 to $4500 with 66-90 development hours.

Our Take on Preferred App Cost Estimation

At Clavax, we believe in understanding the app requirements thoroughly to meet the expectations before we start the app development process. Our approach can be stated in 3 different steps-

  • First Contact

In the beginning, you can get a free app cost calculator that helps you get a rough estimation of the development cost based on the features you choose. Only after approval from your side, we sign the contract.

  • Planning Stage

This is another critical phase where we analyze business and tech requirements, collect specifications, create wireframes or MVP, update if there is any change as per feedback and give you a detailed project estimation with development hours. Once you get this detailed estimate, you can choose to continue or discontinue your cooperation with Clavax.

  • Development Stage

This is where the actual development process of your app begins with the UX/UI design of your choice, development & testing processes, app development, and the final release of the app.

Closing Statement

If you have an awesome app idea for your upcoming project, feel free to reach our app development experts and get a quick app estimate in a matter of minutes using our free of charge app cost calculatorHopefully, you must have got an idea that several factors affect the cost of your app, which is why you must know the cost associated with every feature or functionality of the app. For any further queries on app development cost or the best way to bring your app idea to life, let us know!

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