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How many kg of luggage is allowed in Turkish Airlines?

When you shift from one place to another for higher studies, job promotion, etc., you carry so much luggage, which is not allowed by the airlines. Every airline has its luggage policies so that all traveler carry their baggage within those limits. While booking with Turkish airlines, you will get several facilities like a refund on the cancelation, miles for frequent flyers, complete packages, etc. You must carry your luggage per their policies, and if you want to know about the luggage policies, you need to read below. 

The luggage policies of Turkish airlines are below.

The information on luggage policies is essential as it will give you information about how many bags you carry without paying and what is not allowed by Turkish airlines. The luggage policies vary as per the seat type, and to know about luggage policies; you need to read below.

For economy seat type

If you make the bookings and choose the standard fare type, you can carry one checked bag whose weight is under 24 kg, and its dimensions are 27x21x14. 

You can also take one carry-on bag, which has to be under 7kg, which is in that shape or size and easily fits in the cabin compartment.

For business class bookings:

Those passengers who choose the business class seat will get extra luggage compared to the standard fare. They can carry two checked bags which have to be in under 28 kg; if the weight of the bags gets exceeded, then they will have to pay a fee.

They can also take two carry-on bags under 8kg; their dimensions are 12 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 9 inches high. 

For premium class:

If you choose the seat in premium class, you can carry maximum luggage and three checked bags; every bag must be under 30 kg.

You can also take two carry on bag which has to be under 10 kg. 

For extra luggage

If you want to carry some extra luggage, you can take it but must pay the cost. You can only take one bag as excess luggage, but that bag’s weight is under 22kg. If you make the bookings by choosing standard fare type or through offers, you will not be able to take extra baggage. 

Sports equipment

If you want to carry sports equipment like a hockey stick or cricket bat, you have to pay additional charges. 

How to add extra luggage on Turkish airlines?

Adding the luggage online: If you want to add the baggage online, follow the points below. 

  • Go to the website of the Turkish airlines in your suitable search engine. 
  • Then you need to click on the manage bookings page from the left side of the screen. 
  • After this, you must fill out the last name and the booking reference number. 
  • Following your bookings will come on the screen you need to choose the bookings in which you want to add luggage. 
  • Further, you need to tap on the add luggage option and mention the luggage details.
  • Next, you need to save the changes; on the next page, you can see payments. You need to pay it through a card or another way. 
  • By doing this, you will get a mail of successfully adding the luggage to your bookings.

At the time of check-in: You can give the information about your extra luggage to the representative available at the check-in counter of Turkish airlines. After that, they will measure your luggage, and if it is per their policies, you can pay them and include it in your bookings. 

By reading the above, you will learn about the luggage policies and modes to add luggage to your Turkish airline’s bookings. If you have a concern, can I speak with Turkish AirlinesYes, you can connect with them by call, chat, email, etc., and resolve your queries. 

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