How Does The Idea Of Returning Home Early To A Freshly-Cooked Meal Sound?

How to access home chef prepared meals and the advantages of doing so.

It sometimes seems that you can’t win when it comes to dinner preparation. Either you have to spend more time on the cooking and cleaning up than you do on the eating, which can be difficult when you have a full-time job or children to look after, or you subject yourself to less tasty, less healthy ready meals. Luckily, there is a third option that ensures high-quality and delicious meals are waiting for you when you return home.

How it works?

We give you the choice between creating your own meal plan (if you are confident in what you want) or selecting a nutritionist tailored plan (if you want some help designing the menu best suited to you). You can also decide how many meals you want a day and how many days a week you want our food provided. If you do not like the plan, you always have the option to make adjustments.

Once this is done, you can enter your delivery details, including your preferred delivery day and preferred payment method. Monthly subscriptions are available or you can make a one-off payment. Upfront payments can also be made for 4-, 12- or 24-week periods.

When your meals arrive, they will keep for three days in the fridge; alternatively, they can be frozen if you do not plan to eat them within this time. Each meal is individually packaged for your convenience. When you are ready to eat one, all you need to do is put it in the microwave to reheat. Instructions will be included on the packaging, as every meal has its own requirements.

What food is available?

Our meal plans are designed for maximum flexibility. They will always meet your needs, with the nutritionist tailored plans built with a balance of ingredients. You can include your protein preferences, such as meat, fish or a combination of both, in your plan. Halal options are also available. All our ingredients are as fresh as possible and sourced from local producers. Our menus change monthly to prevent boredom; what’s more, you always have the option to make adjustments to your personal orders.

Advantages of home chef produced meals

The most obvious advantage is the time you will save. You do not have to spend time choosing and buying ingredients, let alone preparing and cooking them. You will not even have to clear up afterwards, as you are not the one using the knives, chopping boards, pots and pans. When the meal reaches you, it has already been cooked.

Another advantage is that you can guarantee your meal will be nutritionally balanced without having to worry about wading through confusing research to work out what constitutes a healthy meal. Our menus can be tailored to your personal needs, from allowances for gender and weight to the provision of halal ingredients. Nutritious does not mean dull and tasteless, as our expert chefs will ensure your meal is delicious.

Home chef prepared meals are the ideal way to experience the advantages of freshly-cooked and healthy food without having to worry about time-consuming preparation. You maintain control over the menu, with your choices delivered to you already cooked and only requiring a brief reheating.

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