Tarsar Marsar Trek

How are the views in Tarsar Marsar Trek

Kashmir is without any doubt the most gorgeous place on earth. It is known all across the globe for its lush scenery, alpine lakes, and tempting mountain ranges. The most scenic views of Kashmir you will get in Tarsar Marsar Trek. This trek is surely the scenic trek in Kashmir. It has the best landscape that mesmerizes the trekkers. In this blog, we will try to exhibit how this trek looks in terms of scenic beauty. But first, let’s get the introduction of the trek with some basic facts.


Tarsar Marsar Trek Introduction


This trek is a summer trek best done between June to October. The trek itinerary is drafted for 7 days with the first day spent camping in the base camp for altitude acclimatization. The trek gradient is not difficult but easy to moderate with most of the trail going through long lush meadows. The trek is a high-altitude trek and ascends to an altitude of around 4000m. The trek starts from Aru which is the village 12km away from Pahalgam. To reach the base camp, one has to take a cab from Srinagar. The drive takes around 3 hours. The trek has the meadow walking, jungle traverse, and river crossings. 


Here is what views this trek offers


This trek first gives you the pleasure of walking through the jungle of Aru Wildlife. The walk is around 5kms. Almost all of the jungle walk is only on the first and the last day when you will be coming via the same route. The jungle is of pine and has a trail in the middle of it. Towards the right of the jungle is the chain of mountains and towards the left of the jungle is the deep gorge and the Lidder river running.


The trek is dominated by the meadow walks. You will see large grasslands even from the first day. The meadows are wavy and run along the river Lidder. The most striking meadow is Lidderwat meadow and this is where you will be spending your second camping night. The meadows run all along the trek and blend well with the lakes as well. The most beautiful and quiet meadow you will be seeing while walking in a silent valley. The meadow is cut with small rivulets surrounded by lush grass and barren mountains. 


Another view that you will get while on this trek is that of the alpine lakes. The first striking and breathtaking lake view you will get of Tarsar Lake. This is one of the largest alpine lakes in Kashmir. The lake is almond-shaped. You will be camping in its vicinity and the lake is surrounded by mountains. You will see the lake close by and can drink its water. You will get a panoramic view of this lake while you are at the top of Tarsar Ridge. 


Another lake view is of Sundersar lake. This lake is relatively small yet magnificent. The campsite is just below this lake. The view of the lake is that of an awesome crater. 


Another panoramic view you will get of Marsar Lake. The lake will be large and span wide in front of you as you will be standing on the Marsar Ridge. This is also the highest altitude of the trek. Marsar lakes is a quiet lake. You will not see any trekker going down to the shores of this lake. It is just from the vantage point that this trek is seen and cherished. 



To sum up, Tarsar Marsar Trek gives the best scenic views of any trek that is in India. From meadows to rivers to alpine lakes to forest patches, this trek is a blend of everything that a trekker dreams of. This trek lives up to the expectation of the saying if there is heaven on earth it is here, it is here, it is here. This trek will indeed make you feel why Kashmir is called heaven on earth. 


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