Guide to wedding dress care in 2021-22

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You’ve already spent a fortune on the wedding gown of your dreams, and even wore it on your wedding day. But what do you plan on doing with it, now that the celebrations are over? Planning to preserve it?

A survey shows that brides typically wait up to 6 weeks before dropping off their dresses for professional dress cleaning and wedding dress prevention. However, according to some experts the first few days after the wedding are far too crucial for the gown, and you shouldn’t wait this long to seek professional help. So, to help brides better navigate the cleaning and preservation process, we’ve pieced together a few tips on how to go about it.

Why does a bride need professional wedding dress prevention?

What will happen to the gown if you don’t take the necessary steps to have it cleaned and preserved after the wedding? Brides need to have the wedding dress cleaned and preserved because if kept without proper care, over time the fibers of the gown tend to break down or may even turn yellow due to prolonged exposure to the air.

How soon after the wedding should you bring the gown for cleaning?

The sooner you take the gown for professional cleaning, the better. Try taking it for treatment within a month after the celebrations. Some gown cleaning and preservation companies even offer free pickup. Moreover, when left untreated for a long time, the stains may set in, thus complicating the cleaning process. In such cases, the wedding dress cleaning cost escalates.

How should brides have their gowns preserved?

If you are planning on getting your wedding gown preserved properly, but want to do so within a budget, we’d recommend using a wedding dress preservation kit. Such kits usually include an acid-free preservation box. Why so? Well, that’s because some tissue paper and boxes have chemicals in them that can turn the dress yellow over time.

It is crucial to store the dress somewhere out of the reach of kids and pets. Find a dry and temperature-controlled place for gown preservation. If left in musty damp environments, the gown may get permanently damaged.

Is the process for veil cleaning and preservation the same?

When you opt for professional wedding dress cleaning, the wedding dress cleaning cost usually includes veil cleaning. However, the process for the same is a bit different. Veils are far too delicate to be cleaned in machines, and thus are spot cleaned and hand washed.

The step-by-step wedding gown cleaning process

  • First: The professional cleaning experts do a detailed inspection of the gown to identify the stains or assess the damage. They’d also mark some of the problem areas on the gowns such as beads and lace that would need special care while cleaning.
  • Second: They would perform some tests on small areas and make a final call to determine the appropriate cleaning approach and the solvents to use.
  • Third: The experts start dealing with the difficult stains first. Through spot cleaning, they first deal with dirt around the hem, the wine stains, and more.
  • Fourth: They’d remove some of the delicate parts of the gown and prepare it for cleaning.
  • Fifth: When it comes to cleaning the gown, they’d either opt for a wet cleaning machine or a dry cleaning machine, depending on the needs of the dress.
  • Sixth: They will re-inspect the dress and remove any stains that got left out in the deep cleaning wash. Once they are satisfied with the cleaning, they reattach any beading that was removed prior to the cleaning.

Key takeaway

The best part of connecting with a wedding dress cleaning and preservation service is that you’d always find a reliable service at affordable or pocket-friendly wedding dress cleaning cost. Most brides believe that wedding dress cleaning and preservation is a costly affair, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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