Golf Simulator: A Great Invention

Golf Simulator: A Great Invention

A golf simulator allows playing golf, graphically or photographically, inside the house. In some cases, due to sensing devices, it is possible to record their data of balls like speed, direction and behaviour of the ball.

Indoor golf simulators are designed through virtual reality so that the golfer can play without the outside weather affecting his play. Simulators that work with computers or video game consoles were available from the early 1970s.

Types of Simulators

This simple simulator basically does not have built-in software but can measure the movement of handheld sensors and feeds the information to the video game. The information received through sensors is then translated into the action, such as hitting the ball.

Advanced simulators have their software. They are fitted with batteries that track the short of each ball and show it visually on the screen, and this provides a detailed analysis of the ball to the golfer.

Need of Golf Simulator

The golf simulator needs to present the speed, path, face angle and launch angle of the club. The computer calculates the trajectory of the golf ball from the swing and is visualized through the projector. Simulator mats, Sonic sound systems, optical sensor arrays, radar and camera ball tracking systems are required to measure the golf simulation.

  • Simulator Mats

Simulator mats are generally rectangular shaped mats that contain several infrared sensors and microchips to monitor the speed of the club, angle of the club as well as the speed of the ball.

  • Sonic Sound System

Sonic sound systems are generally the microphones that play around the impact screen. The hitting sound produced by the ball is measured through the sound system.

  • Camera Systems

In general, two or four cameras are used to monitor the play area. All the activities in the play area are counted by high-speed cameras, and data recorded are processed using a complex physics algorithm.

  • Radar System

The radar system emits the microwave, which reflects the moving object and returns to the sensor. Through this, it can record launch angle, speed and direction. This works as a launch monitor and works rather effectively.

  • Dimensions

Generally, the dimension of a golf simulator is 6 meters in length, 4 to 5 meters wide and 3 meters in height. It allows both right-handed and left-handed golfers to play comfortably.


  • Allows to play conveniently and practice in a controlled atmosphere.
  • We can play it in any weather.
  • Space requirements are significantly lesser.
  • Players can see each facet of their swing.
  • It helps the player to improve their swing.


There are a number of technologies that are used to track the ball flight and motion. Ball flight generally is tracked via wavelength or laser sensors. Ball flight properties such as launch angle, ball speed and ball direction are tracked through sensors. Club motion can be tracked through wavelength sensors, cameras or lasers sensors. Speed and direction of the clubhead, impact point of balls are recorded.


The main characteristic of any golf simulator is accuracy. Systems accuracy is measured by the speed of calculations and the image projected by the ball in flight. The superiority of the accuracy market exists between the technology utilized to track the ball flight.

The indoor golf simulator is one of the best indoor games that can be set up in our houses to play irrespective of time. Although it is costly for players who are addicted to golf, this can be very useful. They do not need to go out every day to set up their field and play. Instead, they can play indoor golf and master their skills. It reduces their wastage of time in the setting of the area. One of the best VR video games is the golf simulator. Golf simulators are virtual reality video games that allow us to play golf inside the house. One can practice and play golf anytime in the place.

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