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Go For A Desert Safari To Expand Your Horizons

There are so many tourist attractions is Dubai, but nothing defines it the way its stunning deserts do. The expansive, beautiful, glorious desert area gives a sense of freedom and exposure, and enhances one’s mental health like anything. From big sand dunes to camps, delicious Arabic food to folk culture, there is no lack of things to enjoy in between the sand! This is the reason why you should consider a buggy for rent in Dubai.

Going for a dune buggy rental Dubai is one of the best ways to explore deserts. Desert safaris, being one of the most popular activities, take place in several locations. While there are a lot of things you can do in Dubai, an off road dune buggy Dubai experience is just another level. By now, you must have been eager to explore more about what it looks like and how to make it your best experience. We understand your curiosity and have mentioned each and everything that you need at this point of time. Take a look.

What Does A Desert Safari In Dubai Look Like? 

Let us draw a typical desert safari picture in your mind. The adventure begins right at your doorstep! A safari guide will pick you from your hotel. You will be taken out of the city, only to reach to explore the beautiful sand. At the desert, you will get to take part in a number of activities. One such popular sport is dune buggy riding. You can book a buggy for rent in Dubai and get to explore deserts in Dubai, making every moment great.

There are other activities as well including dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking. Doing snowboarding on sandy dunes and slopes gives an adventurous feel that can be enjoyed being in company of an expert. That apart, camel riding is also a favorite attraction in Dubai which attracts a big number of visitors.

After performing the activities, you can enjoy sunset and step into an evening of mouthwatering taste and entertainment. The dinner served in Dubai to the tourists usually contains taste from all over the globe. You can enjoy having your food in the open desert area where you can find some amazing local performers showcasing their wonderful tanoura and belly dance, putting a close to the evening.

However, before going for an extreme dune buggy Dubai, there are a few things you must do to make your experience safer and convenient.

                                               Off road dune buggy Dubai

Be Comfortable In What You Wear

A desert safari won’t go well if you don’t put your daily formal clothes off. It is an activity full of adventure and physical work. Also, you are there to spend a vacation. So, make sure to go casual to take your fun to an extent. Casual clothes with long sleeves would be just the perfect choice as they can save you from harsh sun and sand. For footwear, you can go for flip flops or sandals as you have to get in and out of the buggy several times to feel the sand. Open shoes will also be okay!

Choose The Time Wisely 

Winter is coming and the season makes a perfect time for a desert safari in Dubai. Go for a dune buggy rental this season and you won’t regret! While summers are extremely hot, winter evenings are considered to be the ideal time for desert safari in a buggy. In evening, you can get a breathtaking sunset view, followed by a typical Arabic night life experience soon after.

Follow What Your Instructor Says 

Desert safari in a dune buggy rental Dubai can be a roller coaster experience. Always remember this if you are unhealthy, old, have a baby or any other comfort issues. While doing the activities, make sure to follow your instructor. Your instructor may turn a bitter experience into an amazing one by making use of correct techniques and sharing useful tips, especially during the activities where safety is concerned.

Carry The Required Things 

Make sure to carry a stole or thin jacket with you if going for an evening safari. Deserts usually get cold at night. Sunglasses are also recommended to protect your eyes from sand. Apply loads of sunscreen if you don’t want to look tanned and don’t forget to carry some water, the most important thing.


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