Getting Great Results for Your Brand’s Instagram Profile

There are over 500 million Instagram users all over the world and more than 300 million of them use it daily, sharing approximately 95 million photos and videos per day. That is a colossal number, and irrespective of the age, gender, or occupation of your audience, you’ll be certain to reach them through Instagram.

That raises the question: Where do you get started on Instagram? How do you get noticed among the other 95 million posts uploaded daily? How can you, as an amateur photographer, come up with stunning content for Instagram? Read on and learn.

Using Instagram for Business

With more than 300 million active users, the marketing potential for Instagram is huge. However, this potential lies more in the behavior of users than it does in the numbers. Instagram users like connecting with brands.

Research has demonstrated that, on this network, businesses enjoy a number of unique advantages and benefits.

  • Businesses benefit from regular engagement with 4% of all their followers for Instagram, whereas on other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, that number is less than 0.1%.
  • 70 percentInstagram users report having searched for a brand on the site.
  • 62 percent of Instagram users follow a business on the platform.
  • Ironically, only 36 percent of brands use Instagram, whereas 93 percent of brands use Facebook.

It has become clear that social media influences purchase decisions. If you manage to create the right mix of content, your audience will love it and buy your products without the need to use aggressive sales pitches, and this is any marketer’s dream.

Succeeding on Instagram

Succeeding on the platform takes more than just posting pictures that look good. You also need to incorporate the following aspects:

  • Consistent frequency
  • Clear vision and strategy
  • Clear visual style
  • Familiarity with your audience

When you bring together all the above, your business can enjoy great results on the platform.

Choose One or Two Main Goals for Being on Instagram

Whether you’re looking to enhance your Instagram presence or you’re completely new to the platform and want to share your first post, it is essential that you set out with clear goals in mind. This will help you build a strong Instagram strategy and come up with content that will enable you to achieve your targets.

Here are some common goals that individuals, teams, and brands usually choose:

  • Broadcast company news and updates
  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Advertise to prospective customers
  • Showcase your company values and culture
  • Boost awareness of your brand
  • Build your community
  • Showcase your products or services

It’s advisable to go with one or two goals for your profile on the platform, either from the ones above or a unique one of your choice.

Once you choose one or two goals, search the demographics to find out which members of your audience are on Instagram. Having clear goals and understanding the demographics on Instagram will play an important role in ensuring that you effectively reach your target audience and generate sales.

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