Get rid from cards getting damaged by using business cards boxes

The business card boxes are relatively small-sized packages specifically used for holding and carrying the business cards safely. They have a sturdy flat base and a lid that encloses these items and provide protection against external factors. They are mostly made from corrugated paper. However, cardboard and bux board are also preferred sometimes. With printing on these boxes, you can advertise your brands and products quite easily across a wider target audience. Their customization in several types of shapes and sizes is so easy as they utilize flexible materials in their production. Having them in your desired design and color theme is not a big deal.

Keeping the business cards safe and away from any damage is something that every company strives to accomplish. Understanding the fact that business card boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials will enable you to make the right choice of packaging for your cards. Damaged business cards can never benefit your company. However, they will surely impact the reputation of your brand. With this guide, you will be able to ensure the protection of these items.

Do not leave any space inside:

If you are interested in the safety of the business cards, make sure that you design custom boxes in precise sizes. What does it mean to be precise with the size? It means you should keep an eye on the dimensions of the cards and then design your box according to those dimensions exactly. If the packages you are utilizing are relatively larger than these items, there are chances that these products will get bounced inside. This way, the edges of the business cards might get folded. Not just this, but there is also the risk of damage to the printed information on those edges. This will make your business look highly unprofessional, and you might not be able to hit the target market the way you wanted. Therefore, be wise and design custom printed boxes which are perfectly fitting the cards inside and not leaving any empty space.

Give them an appropriate shape:

The shape of the business card packages carries great value in ensuring the ultimate protection of the printed business cards inside. While selecting the shape, always prefer the one which has a lesser surface area. This is because the surface area is the one that comes in contact with the external pressure, and thus, the probability of the damage increases. The lesser the surface area of the box is, the lower will be the prospects of getting your box in contact with the abrasive forces. Selecting a traditional box shape, be it a square or rectangular, is not a good option since these shapes have a larger surface area. As compared to these shapes, the round shapes should be preferred so as to reduce the chance of contact with the outside pressures. The hexagonal shape, for instance, having round edges, would be an excellent choice in this regard.

Protect from inside:

This factor is often ignored by the manufacturers when designing the packaging for printed business cards. It is equally important to protect these items from the inside as it is to the outside factors. The addition of custom inserts is a good strategy in this aspect. These inserts serve a great deal in holding the cards firmly in one place. Therefore, when the box is exposed to a shock or crushing, these items will not be moving inside, which otherwise can prove damaging. Aside from using the partitions, you can also use some padding to give extra cushioning to the fragile business cards. You might be thinking of Styrofoam in this regard, but it is not a good option. This is because it weighs too much and also not an eco-friendly option. The void fill materials such as polystyrene and polyethylene can serve as excellent choices. Not only do they have the ability to absorb the shocks well, but they also weigh very little.

Do not ignore sealing:

The sealing of the business card packages in an appropriate way is extremely significant from a security point of view. Failing to seal the box with high-quality custom tape can lead up to its opening, and this leaves the items inside susceptible to risk. The edges and joints of the box are the most critical points in this regard. They can get opened up at the moment an intense pressure or shock is applied. Use pressure-sensitive tapes here at these points so that the box remains intact even after the application of severe pressure. Ensure an air-tight sealing as this way it would be impossible for external factors to get inside.

Good selection of materials:

This is the most vital step when you want to ensure high-end protection of your delicate business cards. Select the cardboard material for this purpose as it possesses the quality of absorbing higher pressures. The cardboard business card boxes will make sure to retain the original position in which your cars were stored. This is because they do not get distorted when an external force acts on their surface. They have layers that perfectly absorb the impact, and originality is restored due to their flexibility. If you further want enhanced protection, the corrugated cardstock can prove helpful. This material is usually thicker than the cardboard and hence assures increased security. Above all, these materials prove very light on the pocket. So, you can have cheap business card boxes with highly protective features.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when you are designing the business card boxes for your business cards. To ensure that you have the best chance to minimize the damage, always be careful in selecting the precise size and shape of these boxes. Apart from that, appropriate sealing and a good selection of materials matter as well in this context.

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