Get GOG Games At The Best Price With A VPN

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Are you passionate about digital games? Do you remember with nostalgia the classic and emblematic video games of your childhood? In that case, it is imperative that you know GOG!

What is GOG, why is it better than Steam

GOG is a digital game sales and distribution service belonging to the mythical company CD Project Red, based in Poland.

What sets GOG apart from other platforms is that it only offers DRM-free games. In other words, once you buy a game it is yours forever, for this you just have to download it to your computer and you can play at any time, and all this without having to be online or connect to a server. In addition, in GOG they cannot revoke the right to access the games.

In contrast, other platforms, such as Steam, do not have the advantages of GOG. In Steam, you will never own the game, since you only buy the license to be able to play at a certain time and, every time you want to play you will have to pay again, so it is not profitable. Additionally, Steam may revoke or suspend your right to access the games at any time.

Given the differences between GOG and Steam, there is no doubt that GOG is the best option. Additionally, at GOG you can get CD Project Red games directly from their makers, as well as classic DOS and PC games that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lastly, GOG games are much cheaper than other platforms.

However, you may not know that you can still get those games for cheaper yet, what is awesome at? Well, keep reading and we will reveal the secret!

How to get GOG games at a cheaper price

GOG game prices are dynamic and change very frequently. But not only do they change throughout each season of the year, they can also be very different from one country to another. So it may be the case that you are looking for Watcher Ultimate Edition and it is the case that in another country it has half the price than in Spain.

Even if you are an adventurous player, it sure does not occur to you to move to another country just to get the cheapest games of your dreams. But don’t worry, there is a trick that you can use to buy the platform’s games from Spain at a much cheaper price, and that trick is using a VPN for GOG.

How to use a VPN to buy your cheapest digital games

Thanks to a VPN you can change your geographical location. That means that you can get an IP corresponding to the country you choose and, with it, access the price that GOG games have in that country.

For example, if your favorite game is very expensive in Spain, using or buy VPN you can get it twice cheaper in another country, for example in World.

So now you know, don’t let anyone beat you and get the cheapest GOG games with a VPN!

What is the best VPN for GOG?

If you have decided to use a VPN for Spanish GOG, you may have many questions. The main one is, is a free VPN or a paid one for me? Don’t be fooled, free VPNs pose a serious risk to your computer equipment, as they can download viruses, malicious advertising and spam onto your computer and even pose a serious risk to the security of your personal data.

On the other hand, downloading a free VPN is excessively slow. In addition, free VPNs do not have the servers necessary to facilitate access to the countries that interest you to change the IP and buy GOG games at a reduced price.

This is why it is always better to go for a paid VPN. If you are going to use the VPN to buy GOG games, the best one is Fastest VPN. Fastest VPN is the cheapest premium VPN on the market and the one with the best value for money today. The most interesting thing is that this VPN has servers in world, the place that has the cheapest digital games in the world.

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