The Fun World of Educational Toys

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Imagining a world full of children but one without toys is almost as impossible as imagining a world without education. But the best part is, in our reality, these worlds co-exist. It has been proven time and again that toys, and other stuff in general that children play with, are essential to a child’s development. While that hasn’t changed in all these decades, toys have come a long way – from being something for toddlers to throw around and get amused with, to being a stepping stone for children to learn things in an easy and smart way.

It’s true that the world is changing rapidly and is moving straight into the digital era, but there’s no denying that exposing children to gadgets like smartphones and tablets at an early age can prove very harmful for their growth. The one thing that children miss out on when they’re glued to screens, is physical activity, which is rather important in their lives. Toys such as action figures and various educational kits not only help engage children in physical activity, but they’re also a lot of fun, which is basically everybody’s birthright.

The importance of educational value in toys

Toys are all fun and games, but it’s important for them to hold educational value. Learning toys help in a child’s cognitive development, help them develop fine motor skills, and also encourage them to be more imaginative and creative. Books, of course, are also very important in the life of children, but it’s a well-known fact that children learn better with direct experiences than with theories.

While at play, children learn, and then learn to apply various skills which will help them throughout their lives. Problem-solving, getting creative, and the easy understanding of concepts are a few examples of the aforementioned skills. Believe it or not, children can actually start reaping the benefits of educational toys from as early as a month old.

Different educational toys, for different age groups

At their earliest stage, when a child is between one month and one year old, the parents’ aim should be to develop their child’s senses. The focus then should be on sensory play which will help the child better understand sight, sound, and touch. At that age, giving them toys with lights and different kind of sounds will not only excite them but will also get their senses strengthened.

After crossing the one, or two-year mark, a child is bound to get more active, and this is when toys that help refine motor skills come into the picture. Coloured blocks, remote-controlled cars, etc., can be great learning tools for children.

When a child reaches the age of three, she is more likely to understand themes and games such as puzzles. An activity box, therefore, is one of the best learning tools that will not only keep a child engaged, but will also prove to be fun and exciting. Activity boxes are not only available as educational toys for 3 year olds, but they also come for children older than that.

No compromise on fun

These boxes are equal parts fun and learning and come in a lot of different themes, like nature, or animals, or other themes like planets. When a child indulges in everything that themed kits have to offer, they learn better, but they also have a lot of fun learning and are able to derive happiness from the time they spend with their kits. So the next time your child demands you buy them a new toy, get them something that they will enjoy wholeheartedly, and something that will also help in their development.

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