Follow these summer fashion tips and make a statement

A meeting in 29C heat? Wedding at 31C? Or a summer party with no shade? No problem. Even when the protocols say you need to wear a suit or, at the very least a shirt, there are ways to look chic and feel comfortable while the sun is beaming down 

Summertime outfit choices are often difficult. We’d love to continue dressing as casually and lightly as possible, but those of us who must present a polished and professional image can feel as though we have little to no options to help us cope. Menswear is often associated with bulky attire, many layers, and constricting, form-fitting clothing. We at Penguin Tailors, one of the Best tailors shop in Sharjah, are here to offer some simple solutions so that you can get through the warmer months. Here are some strategies to stay cool, both physically and sartorially! 

Limit your color scheme to softer hues.

Darker hues tend to trap heat and are typically undesirable for the summer style. If you prefer neutrals, you can still wear your usual colors; just choose medium tones rather than the standard dark navy and charcoal if the lighter hues are too stark for you. Browns in a variety of tones work well with a wide range of colors and make excellent alternatives to black. 

Wear lighter fabrics

To stay fashionable and comfortable in the heat, you should use light fabrics like linen, cotton, and seersucker. The best material for your suits, shorts, and pants is cotton, which will look sharp and crisp. To stay cool and light, linen is a fantastic solution for sophisticated and casual shirts. For more formal occasions like weddings in the summer, a dapper linen or linen-blend blazer looks phenomenal. However, avoid wearing linen pants. 

Put your attention on the separates.

When it’s warm outside but you still need to seem professional, choose two- and three-piece suits that can be separated and worn separately with lighter items. A great pair of lightweight wool dress slacks, for instance, paired with a dress shirt and tie made entirely of cotton, is a stylish male ensemble that is suitable for hot weather. For more formal settings, simply add a vest! Or, for a laid-back weekend appearance, use a linen sports coat with jeans and a shirt that wicks away sweat. 

Don’t underestimate the lining

What’s on the inside usually matters the most when it comes to heat retention in men’s summer suits. That is to say, you want a suit with less padding and inside lining. Choose a half-lined suit rather than a fully-lined one, or consider purchasing an unconstructed jacket that has no lining at all. Shoulder pads are optional, but they will inevitably add weight and heat to your body, so you should consult a tailor to determine whether they are truly necessary. While the lack of shoulder pads may appear unusual at first, new fabric developments have made them unnecessary for maintaining the shape and fit of your suit. 

Get It Customized

Do you want to step up your fashion game? Buy a custom-made suit. Thought to be expensive, tailored suits may be less expensive than you think. A custom-made suit in the exact design, material, and color you desire is head and shoulders above anything off the rack. You can include all the advice we provide in this article and modify everything, including the fabric and color. A high-quality suit will also last you for many years, making it a good investment all around. Additionally, the fit is excellent, highlighting your physique in an ideal way. A custom suit is a no-brainer if you are taller or shorter than typical to help you look more put together. You just have to type “Gents tailor near me” if you live in Sharjah and you will get to know about us. 

Last but not least, remember tailoring no matter what you choose to wear during the summer! We at Penguin Tailors can customize everything, including jeans, t-shirts, Mens ethnic wear for wedding, other men’s casual apparel, and much more. Whatever the weather, you can still appear put together and fashionable. We provide full-service tailoring. Don’t forego your unique sense of style this summer! Call our specialists right away.


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