Mother’s day is almost here and we are here too with some great ideas. Intimate ways of celebrating this day are what will make your mother dance with joy. Even though this mother’s day has to be spent locked up in our houses due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean this day can’t be fun and memorable. Our amazing moms deserve all the love and surprises on this day. The most special person in our lives deserves the most special treatment on this great day. Begin the special day with a great breakfast menu and surprise your mother. We bring to you some great breakfast ideas to have a perfect stay at home on mother’s day.


If your mother prefers a light breakfast, this simple and soothing breakfast board is for you. To begin the day with a simple and light breakfast, prepare a simple breakfast board for your mother. Put some delicious donuts, and a cup of coffee, which requires little or no preparation time. Bake your donuts of your mother’s favorite flavor. Add a love note on the breakfast board. Gush out your feelings on the love note and thank your mother for everyday breakfasts and all the love she showers upon you. Let her have a relaxed morning. There is nothing sweeter than a breakfast board filled with sweet donuts. Cuddle her on the bed and eat breakfast along with her. Make her feel special and refreshed through your gesture. Make her feel how important she is for you and begin the day with happiness. You can order flowers from various online platforms which send flowers to India, and adorn your mother with the most beautiful flowers out there. Have a great mother’s day.


This is for the super-heroes moms who work hard every day deserve a whole day’s relaxation. This breakfast board is specially designed for moms to give them a period of relaxation and rejuvenation. Combine the best delicacies and put them on the breakfast board. Eggs, bacon, waffles, fruits, black tea, or coffee are the best options for a coastal breakfast board. Look for other things in your fridge and just put them on the breakfast board. Prefer to use a wooden breakfast board which gives a classy and traditional look to the whole arrangement. Don’t forget to garnish the board with a love note and some flowers. Order some beautiful floral from online websites which send mother’s day flowers to India and get them delivered to your mother. Arrange for a relaxing spa post the great breakfast, and make this day the most soothing for your mom. Let her spend the day stress-free and work-free. Have a great mother’s day.


If you want mother’s day to be filled with glamour glitters, and light, this breakfast board is completely suitable for you. This breakfast board is especially for the girly moms who love all the sparkles, lights, glamour and glitters. This jaw-dropping and amazing breakfast board requires some hard work but is worth all the efforts. This breakfast board will give holiday vibes to this day and make this day amazing. Filled with pink roses, this breakfast board will lighten up your mother’s mood and day. You can put hand-made pancakes or heart-shaped pancakes on this breakfast board. Some strawberries, breadsticks, berries, chocolate chips, and your mother’s favorite items will complete this breakfast board. Don’t forget to add a refreshing cup of tea or coffee to the breakfast board, according to your mother’s preference. Send flowers to India and garnish the breakfast board with the most adorable flowers ever. Don’t forget the most important love note on the breakfast board so your mother begins her day with the sweetest words filled with love.

These are the floral breakfast boards for the perfect stay-at-home mother’s day. Choose the one you want to surprise your mother with and make this day as amazing as your mother. Spend a memorable day and make your mother feel the best today. Have a great mother’s day at home without going outside. Arrange for a DIY spa for your mother and make her feel fresh. Do all the activities you can do to make your mother delighted and this day a fabulous one. Spend some quality time together, play games, dance with joy, and have the most remarkable day. Prepare the great breakfast board for your mother and make her proud with your efforts. Have a great, amazing, and remarkable mother’s day this year.

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