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Five ways to boost sales with leaflet distribution

If you are a local business, it is perfectly possible to boost your leaflet distribution to get a higher conversion rate than the standard one percent. Flyers are great for local marketing, as they are cheap to produce, immediate in their impact, and easy to distribute to your target audience if you can get to the right spot. If you put a bit of extra thought into your flyer distribution, you can see conversion rates of two to four per cent, making the ROI even more attractive.

1. Focus on design

A great leaflet needs to be attractive, eye-catching and clear. Make sure the colours are bright and the print resolution is of high quality. Remember that these leaflets will represent your brand, so invest in a quality result. It is worth using a professional graphic designer to work with your logo and any brand identity you have to produce something that is truly eye-catching.

2. Think about messaging

Your call to action needs to be extremely clear so that it pops off the page and immediately attracts the attention of your target audience. Don’t try to cram copy into a leaflet; instead, just have three clear ‘takeaway’ points and an obvious call to action accompanied by your contact details. Your graphic designer will also choose a font that is easy to read and heavily contrasts with the colour of your design, which is important for readability and visibility. Use simple and on-brand language that engages the reader and focuses on what your customers want rather than on your business.

3. Make it worth their while

Remember the ‘what’s in it for me’ maxim and include a promotion or incentive as part of your flyer. Without this incentive, it will probably just become more street litter! Use the leaflet as a voucher for a money-off discount, entry to an event or a competition, or something else that will appeal to your target audience. If you are not sure what to offer, engage with some customers or trusted clients to get their opinion on what they might like. It doesn’t need to cost you a great deal; for example, it could be something as simple as a free cup of tea or coffee when they visit your premises or money off a threshold spend.

4. Consider location

Distribution is the key to success. Make sure you distribute your leaflets in a place where your customers will be present. This sounds like an obvious point, but many businesses make the mistake of handing out their flyers to people who simply are not their target audience. Take time to understand your audience and their movements. If you can’t get to them in person, consider doing a direct mail campaign. This tends to work well for business customers.

5. Make it experiential

Today’s customers love brand experiences and positive engagement, so consider the overall impact of your leaflet distribution. Have a great team to hand out the flyers, consider a promotional and branded stand, and perhaps include some giveaways. The more enticing you can make your pitch, the more likely your customers are to come to you.

With some strategic thought and targeting, you will see a real return on your leaflets and ensure that they become a vital part of your marketing campaign.

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