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Fire Inspection Checklist

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Like a smoke alarm with no more juice, it can be tough to recognize when your fire sprinkler system is operating without looking at the engine. System pressure indicators, the condition and performance of valves, and sprinkler heads should all be examined by your fire protection service provider. The professional should also be looking for signs of degradation so you don’t end up with an unanticipated drip that could have been avoided. Inspections may result in more than just more significant fire damage if they are not performed. It could make it less likely for your insurance carrier to pay out on claims. Is your fire suppression system inspected regularly, as required by your insurance provider?

If you have a lot of storage space, you’re probably aware of the fire code requirements for how much is stored, where it’s maintained, and how it’s managed. Are your products being stored per the fire code?

Every three years, fire extinguishers must be inspected and serviced. Extinguishers, like any other device, must be tested to ensure that they are in working order. They can degrade, develop rust, and leak. Are your fire extinguishers examined regularlyper your insurance company’s requirements?

Smoking in the workplace is undoubtedly a fire hazard, so ensure your employees understand what is and isn’t permitted. Is there a smoking policy in place with signs posted throughout your facility?

Chemical compounds like paints, for example, are flammable and must be stored away from combustible fluids like cooking oils, lubricating oils, and motor oil. Are you keeping flammables away from combustibles correctly?

The accumulation of flammable solid waste products might provide a fire hazard. Is trash disposed ofregularly at your location?

When a circuit breaker trips, you know there’s a security issue on the horizon. Outlets aren’t always very informative. Electric outlets and cables, especially if they’re overstressed and weakened, might cause fires. Are all of your plugs, switches, and cords in good working order and secured in their respective locations?

Technology and electronics have made life more convenient and comfortable. They should not be neglected; drapes and paperwork should be free of space heaters. When not in use, coffee makers and other break room appliances should be unplugged.Ensure that large heat-generating devices, such as clothes dryers and manufacturing machines, are effectively vented and that the ventilation solutions are suitable for the job. Is it safe to use heat-producing devices in your building?

Cleanliness is second only to holiness – and fire safety. Fire hazards include piles of old documents, heaps of cardboard, and spills from equipment. In case of a fire emergency, when you need to evacuate, make sure that doorways, stairwells, and corridors are clear.

Follow evacuation procedures and guidelines to make sure everyone on your property knows what it is and how to use it. It needs to be labeled and hung. In many circumstances, unlocked exits during working hours must be designated with an illuminated sign.

It’s useless to have a fire alarm system that isn’t working. Verifying the battery power is simple with the majority of models’ test buttons. Is your fire alarm working correctly?

A portable fire extinguisher can be highly useful in putting out small fires or preventing them from spreading. Do you have a fire extinguisher that is visible, mounted, and on hand?

Fire hydrants and connections must be very visible and easy to locate and use by the local fire service. Is the area around your hydrant free of debris and vegetation?

Your fusebox’s fuses must be well labeled, and access to them should be simple. If a firefighter needs to turn off the power at your location due to a fire, make sure it’s not complicated. Is your electrical control panel labeled and accessible?

It’s critical to keep your fire maintenance and fire safety inspection records on hand so that you can promptly provide them if needed. Do you have access to your documents?

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