Finance Job: your key to success

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The financial industry has accomplished; it offers a number of job opportunities to the job seekers with different interests and skills. It has several sub-industries which encompass various openings. The key for achieving success for a candidate is to research, find, and get the budgetary activity that has the best similarity with skills and interests. Finance is an art which works on several processes such as insurance, money managing, banking investment, real estate. Some other financial areas include sales and trading, commercial lending and private equity.

Education Qualifications:

If you want to build your career in this sector, then you must have a bachelor’s degree. Some candidates can also go for master’s degree in finance. For this, the candidate should be familiar with the few subjects such as managerial finance, marketing, accounting, business law and ethics, investment analysis.


Career pathways in the financial service industry:

  1. Commercial Banking:

This is the most integral part of the whole banking system. It is a profit based institution which permits loans, accepts deposits, and provides other financial services. It provides financial services to the companies and businesses, the general public, and guarantee financial and social stability and maintaining development of the economy.

  1. Corporate Finance:

In this field, the employee has to work for the company and help it in finding money to run the business, plan for the financial future. The employee may work for an extensive multinational organization or a smaller player with high development prospects. Being a professional you have to be well prepared with critical thinking aptitude for all the responsibilities that come quickly in finance job.

  1. Public Accounting:

This profession alludes to a business that gives accounting services to different firms. It examines and imposes services to their customers. Their service includes preparing the tax return and auditing the financial statements of the clients. The ranges of abilities expected to give certain services to the customers are very specific. Thus, in public accounting, the services provided to the customers are highly specialized.  Each employee working in this field is well trained and is highly focused.

  1. Investment Banking:

This field is the particular division of managing an account related to the creation of capital for different organizations, governments, and different entities. Investment Banking endorses new debt and value securities for a wide range of companies helps in the sale of securities and encourages mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks also give direction to issuers regarding the issue and position of stock.

 Salary Packages:

The average salary is S$ 57,420 per year. This may vary according to the size of the company, location, and level of work experience.

If you want to get a job in these sectors, then there would be no better place than Singapore. There are various opportunities for finance jobs and the salary package is also very high. Job seekers seeking for this profile can visit the job portal of Monster Singapore where you can find numerous of jobs which will suit your profile. So, upload your updated resume on the website and apply for it.


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