Fashion Guide for Young Men

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Early twenties is an interesting age as it is the transitional phase for most people. This is the time when most of us step out of college and begin, what is popularly known as, adulting. We take up jobs, rent apartments, and begin to think about taxes, doing laundry, maintaining the house and take cooking lessons. It might not seem like a big deal to people of the earlier generations as they grapple with ‘bigger’ problems. This is the phase where we do and should worry about the clothes we are going to be wearing the next day, because this a justified, albeit superficial, an indicator of a young person’s anxiety while transitioning into a grown-up. And this is important because mistakes will have consequences at this age and forward. Sporting a neon coloured blazer for boys while meeting your boss may not work in your favour, nor will wearing an orange coloured men’s slim fit suit work at an aunt’s wedding. While all of these things would have been dismissed after a frown while you were a teenager, elders are less forgiving with young adults. This is why it will be a good idea to stock up you wardrobe with some essentials.

Formal suits

As a young adult, the salary would be limited, which is why instead of investing in one or two expensive suits, you should get three or four ready-made mens slim fit suits made out of good fabric. You can always get take them to a good tailor and get them altered for better fit. Quantity matters so that you don’t have to wear the same suit every time you have to attend a board meeting. Of course you can switch to more expensive ones. Blackberrys can be your go to option for premium suits and affordable suits.

Dress shirts

It’s best to stock up on buttoned-down full-sleeved dress shirts that look crisp and ironed out. Keeping the shirt basic allows a lot of possibilities for layering. The shirt has to be of the right fit and fabric, and it helps if you own a bunch of colours. If the shirt fits comfortably, it will sit well when you wear men’s slim fit suit over it.

Formal trousers

The colour of the trouser should be in pleasant contrast with the shirt. The style can either be that of a slim fit like that of a dress pant or it can be a pleated straight cut. It has to tailored well to avoid crumpling or wrinkling around the thighs. The length again is a matter of individual choice but a semi break is preferred for formal settings.


Chinos are the middle ground between formals and casuals and a saviour for youngsters who dislike stepping into formals. These are available in a mind-boggling range of colours with brands like Blackberrys. Name a colour, you will find it in the market. These are versatile and so can be used for both semi-formal and casual occasions. Team it up with a trendy V-neck t-shirt and blazers to look on-spot while hanging out with friends. If you would like to sport it to office, teamchinos pants with an oxford shirt, and you cannot go wrong.


These are a must with formal wear. Stick to a four-in-hand tie or a seven-fold tie while attending a business meeting. Silk ties undoubtedly make the whole attire look elegant. Choose a printed tie that complements the formal shirt for men worn and the rest of the attire. Fancy knots should be avoided.


Formal shoes refer chiefly to two varieties: oxfords and derbies. Oxfords can be easily identified as the eyelets are located under the vamp to give a sleek appearance. These are an ideal companion to any formal occasion. Derbies come in a close second in terms of formality. These are characterised by their eyelets too, which are stitched on the vamps facing outwards. They do not look as sleek as their oxford counterparts but are more comfortable in summers and for people with wide feet. These can be worn on formal occasions or with jeans or khakis too.

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