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Facts To Consider Before Choosing Your Schools

A lot of emphasis is placed on which board of curriculum should be chosen, while selecting schools. As we all are aware, the Central Board of Secondary Education abridged as CBSE, is a central government run education board, in India. A lot of government as well as private schools follow this curriculum. The latter follows both English and Hindi, as the mode of instruction. Although the CBSE sports a very compact syllabus, it has plenty of details. Hence students require a deeper understanding and knowledge of the subject in order to fare well.

Few Important Facts On CBSE

  • On a repeat, the CBSE syllabus is much more compact than the ICSE or the Indian Council of Secondary Education system. CBSE syllabus is not fact based, unlike other curriculum syllabi. CBSE offers an intense exclamation into the subject matter of the subject. You need to understand in depth, rather than memorize facts and score marks. ICSE syllabus offer little exploration into the subjects.
  • The ICSE syllabus is extremely huge which offers equal emphasis on every subject. As a result the students often become pressurized and confused about what and how much to study. ICSE syllabus puts extreme emphasis on reading and writing skills in English. Also the students get very less time of opting for extra curricular activities. The vast syllabus is quite impossible to complete and hence students are deprived of their own time, limiting their imagination and cognitions.
boarding schools

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The CBSE curriculum has definite advantage over ICSE, in all the details stated above. CBSE makes learning interesting for the students, in all possible aspects.

  • As competition in the market has gone higher, the demand of extra curricular activities has also risen. Extra curricular activities have faced a more saturated approach, demanding ‘learn along you play’. Refreshment is necessary as your mind gets clogged, the more you learn facts. Best boarding schools in India offers optimum recreation that charges your mind and makes it more productive.
  • CBSE curriculum prepares the one who’s passionate to crack the competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc. Hence it mostly emphasizes on mathematics and science. This puts less pressure on studying civics and language. Students get definite advantage over the ICSE students here, as their preparation and foundation of knowledge, skills, technicalities and understanding is stronger to appear for medical entrance and engineering entrance exams.
  • CBSE imparts both quality and quantity knowledge to the students, while ensuring an overall healthy somatic and cognitive growth of the same. Boarding schools in India, whole heartedly encourages the pupils to pursue sports along with their studies. This helps them immensely in their later lives as they learn to balance opportunities, and not leave one task for the sake of others. It makes the student tough to face difficulties in life. The curriculum imparts good morale and civic sense to their students and teaches them to be good individuals.
  • CBSE offers no compulsion on choosing streams. It gives their students full right to choose their subjects according to their choice, and their field of interest. This instills confidence and self worth in the students.

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