Factors Leading to Growth of Online Shopping in Pakistan

The E-Commerce market is steadily rising in many nations, especially in Pakistan. From the last few years, the economy of Pakistan is steadily improving. The literacy rate of this country is also going up. The citizens of this Asian country are slowly embracing modern technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet. As the penetration of the Internet is expanding, more and more shoppers are now switching to online shopping. According to a recent statistical figure, the Internet penetration rate has doubled in a timespan of one decade. The aforementioned factors should be held responsible for the  phenomenal growth of the e-commerce activities in Pakistan.

Keeping pace with change and adjusting to life as per latest trends is very important. As the number of the Internet users is growing significantly, more and more shoppers have recognized the importance of digital shopping. Whether you are searching for best energy drinks in Pakistan or electronic products, digital shopping has become a new craze. 

Youngsters are aware with the benefits of online shopping

In conservative societies, it is the duty of youngsters to start a new trend. A large chunk of the population in Pakistan is very young. This factor has also led to the growth of online shopping. Youngsters know that online shopping is both conventional and cost effective. More than two-third of the population in Pakistan is very young. It is generally the youngsters who often switch to the newest technologies in comparison to older people. Senior citizens often do not have a steep learning curve. Youngsters easily shift towards the latest technology. Hence, online shopping has a very bright future.

Growth of online payment mechanism

The economy of Pakistan is growing. More and more residents are turning towards online transaction modes. It is the facility of online payment that has led to the popularity of online shopping. Such customers who are interested to buy health supplement products, energy drinks, electronic gadgets and other items have switched to online shopping. It is so convenient to settle payment through online shopping. The customers find it easy to place an online order rather than chasing products manually in the market. Online shopping saves time and a digital payment mechanism is quite safe. Online transactions are quite secure and can be easily managed.

Reasonable price of the product

Every customer aims to purchase products at a reasonable price. In conventional shopping, there are many layers of middleman in the form of wholesalers and suppliers. These layers add weight in the final cost of the product. Online shopping eliminates many middlemen. You can compare the cost of multiple products and then accordingly place an order as per your budget. Suppose you are interested in collecting information about DSLR camera lens price in Pakistan, it will be a wise decision to cross check prices from multiple sources. Online shopping allows the shopper to compare prices from many platforms. Some products are not easily available in physical stores but online shopping makes their procurement possible. It is easy to get remote control products in Pakistan like a drone through online shopping.

Sufficient number of choices


In conventional shopping, shoppers have access to a limited number of options.  Online shopping also shares information in real time. Suppose you want to check Canon camera lens price in Pakistan; simultaneously you can also check the cost of other lens brands to make a comparison. Often, the customers are amazed to check the vast number of options available on the online shopping portals. Availability of so many options makes it easy for customers to select products. More and more companies are coming up with new options in order to survive the competition. Not just the electronic products, if you are searching for the best frozen food in Pakistan, it is possible to place online orders.

Removal of barriers

There are many barriers before the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. Earlier, the policies of this nation were very discouraging but today the situation is improving. Many misconceptions regarding the e-commerce industry are slowly fading away.

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